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Rising Music Star Cameron Boyer of Weathers: “Why art is far more interesting when it’s diverse”

Everyone has a talent and that talent should be shared without hindrance or prejudice.

All industries should treat everyone with equal respect and have a desire to cultivate art from all aspects and viewpoints.

Diversity makes the world a far more interesting and loving place.

  1. Touring is not all it’s cracked up to be. Not a lot of sleep, and you eat crappy food all the time and privacy is a luxury.
  2. The industry is unforgiving and brutal at times. One moment you have support, the next moment, you’re on your own.
  3. You’ll lose money and lots of it. You’ll spend more money then you earn, we still spend more money than we earn, always investing we say.
  4. Be careful of fake people. Lots of people will say they’re on your team, but once they realize they won’t make a quick buck off of you, they don’t answer your phone calls anymore.
  5. Have a plan B.



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