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Scott Arbital of M. Scott Media: 5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I First Became An Artist

Optimal Performance Comes From Upfront Work

In my career thus far, I am asked how I can juggle so much. I am an art director at a company, own an agency, building on other business endeavors, and finding time for fun. The secret I have found has always been doing as much work as possible upfront. In a scenario where I am building a logo for one of my clients, I deliver 2–3 concepts, but I am creating much more on the backend. This is because if we hit an obstacle, I have more than enough options to go back to instead of starting from scratch. The upfront work allows me to under-promise and over-deliver on all expectations. This is my game plan in both my professional and personal life, which has never let me down.



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