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Sara Connell
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Be a continuous innovator in your field. I’ve always been creative, and I love creating new things. However, I didn’t realize how innovative I could get with energy work. The possibilities are endless and I keep pushing boundaries to see what else is possible.

Some people were born with the proverbial silver spoon in their mouth. Even then, becoming a millionaire is still quite an accomplishment. But people who start from nothing, and especially women who start from nothing, who make it to the top to become millionaires, despite the pay inequalities based on gender, the confidence gap, with nothing but grit, hustle, resilience, and “stick-to-itness”, are on a whole new level. We want to share those stories and inspire other women. In this interview series, we’re talking to “Self-Made” women leaders who started with nothing (i.e., started without investors or trust fund or capital or even people believing in them) and have become millionaires.

As a part of our series, I had the pleasure of interviewing Stacey Mayo.

Stacey Mayo is one of the top Healers in the country and a self-made multi-millionaire. She is founder of and is known for her innovative solutions to your everyday health and business challenges.

She is currently writing a book called: The Millionaire Healer’s Secrets to Manifesting.

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Before we dig in, our readers would like to get to know you a bit more. Can you tell us a bit about your “backstory” and how you grew up?

I grew up doing things for myself. In part, because both my parents had to work but also because independence was encouraged in our house. If I asked my mom a question like ‘Is school a half-day tomorrow?’ she would hand me the phone and say “Call and find out”. I hated it when she did that, but it taught me to be assertive.

It also showed my parents that I typically made good decisions, so they allowed me more freedom than most parents give their teenagers. At 16 I was the only one of my friends who didn’t have a curfew!

As a teenager, I was pretty smart but not too popular at school. Most of my friends and the people I dated were from my youth group called BBYO or my job at Pic & Save. I did much better on the popularity scale outside of school activities. I can make up reasons why but I don’t really know and I’ll leave it to your imagination.

My parents worked hard and expected me to do the same. It was just assumed that I would go to college and do well. My dad even had a name picked out for my business before the thought of being a business owner even crossed my mind. He thought I would run a retail store called L. Stacey Ltd. Instead, I created Solutions by Stacey…It’s not a retail store! LOL.

Growing up, what were your early experiences and perspectives about money? Or we could say, what was the “money consciousness” in which you were raised? Can you please give an example of what you mean?

My family’s attitude towards money was “there’s only enough for necessities and you have to work hard and diligently for it”.

For example, at one point, I wanted a 10-speed bike. My parents said they couldn’t afford it so I got a babysitting gig to make the money to buy it myself.

And that’s how it always went. Anything extra that I wanted, I needed to make the money to pay for it. I didn’t resent my parents for it, that’s just how it was.

Looking at it now, our family’s money consciousness taught me that if I wanted something I had to find a way to earn it.

What was your vision when you started this business? What’s the WHY behind the work that you do?

My dad was never happy at work. He would come home from work and tell my mom “Charlie, I want to quit my job.” And I can remember my mom saying “Mac, hang in there. We need the money.”

At night he would be exhausted and fall asleep in front of the TV in the early evening. He would eventually wake up and move to the bed.

He had always dreamed of owning his own bookstore but never took a step to make it happen. From the age of 63, he counted down the days until he could retire at 65.

The memory of him exhausted from working a job he hated while dreaming of owning his own bookstore came to me while working at a graphic arts company as the Vice President of HR.

A lot of the execs there were unhappy but not able to quit because the money and benefits were too good.

This inspired my desire to help people escape their jobs and make a great living doing what they love. That turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg of what I found I could help people with.

Can you share the most interesting story that happened to you since you began leading your company?

A woman who had Multiple Sclerosis heard me talk on a radio show and came to me to help her find clarity in her career. Soon after we started working together, she decided to get off all her medicine and asked me to help her get healthy. I was caught off guard but said yes. I used several healing modalities along with coaching to help clear the mental, emotional and physical blocks that appeared to be causing her symptoms. I had used energy work to help people before but never for health issues.

She got progressively better and eventually, no longer needed her cane to walk. She went to her doctor and he declared her symptom-free for MS! We already knew she was symptom-free but it felt good to have it validated by her doctor.

This experience opened me up to help others with health issues, often with amazing results. I now teach other healers how to do this.

Can you share a story about the funniest mistake you made when you were first starting? Can you tell us what lesson you learned from that?

I wanted to create a homey environment for people to feel comfortable during our sessions. I bought a rattan sofa, tables, and chairs to fill my rented office space and make it comfortable.

One of my clients asked me to coach her friend who lived in another state over the phone. This was before phone visits or zoom was popular so I was guarded about how well this would work. Coaching over the phone ended up working better than coaching people in person because the clients feel safer and open up quicker than they do face to face.

I didn’t need the rented office space, the rattan sofa, or the other furniture to make people comfortable. I just had to coach them from the comfort of their own home or office via my home office. I quickly gave up my rented office space and sold the rattan furniture. I was working with clients around the world via phone or skype.

We’d love to explore the traits that help you achieve your success. What were the mindset obstacles that you had to overcome in order to reach the place of consistently earning a million dollars a year and more? Can you tell us what you did to overcome them?

I learned that I need to follow my intuition in any given situation. Generalizations are good for some things but not for all. For example, two people can have similar symptoms but widely different causes. Because of this, the solution to help them get well will likely be different.

On a business front, one marketing method may work amazingly well for 1 person, but not for another. I learned not to copy what makes another successful as it often didn’t work for me. I also support my clients by helping them uncover what will work best for them. I found they get much better results this way and often become raving fans.

Creating unique solutions that solve my problems and my client’s challenges is a big part of what made me a multimillionaire. It’s also what allows me to continue being successful and to keep growing as a business and individually.

What were the external obstacles that you had to overcome in reaching these milestones? And how specifically did you overcome them?

  1. I had to overcome established beliefs that coaching and energy work are soft skills and woo woo. I started by marketing to people who were open to these methods. I found there were plenty of people open to it back then and even more now.
  2. I also realized that many people believe energy work needs to be done in-person to be effective when a few of my friends and vendors spoke up. I knew that to be untrue because I had already done tons of distance healing programs and got great results. I used this knowledge to revisit my work and create programs that more people were open to.
  3. Many people who offer healing and coaching services do not value their worth or charge enough. I create my programs to be the best in the field and continuously improve them as new research comes to light. I value my work and do my best to charge appropriately. I also create ways to make it accessible to people who have smaller budgets.

Was there ever a point where you wanted to give up on your journey to becoming a multimillionaire? How did you work through that panic point? Please share a story.

I decided to not worry about it. Looking at my P&L’s every month stressed me out so I stopped doing that. I saw being a millionaire as a nice dream that might never happen and let it go. As long as my bank account kept increasing each month, I was calm and good. Then one day I looked at my bank accounts and realized I was, in fact, a millionaire. I wasn’t a millionaire in just net worth but in cash! Since then, the money has continued to flow in. There are still ups and downs of course.

None of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way. Is there a particular person who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are? Can you share a story about that?

Richard Branson inspired me. He was the main reason I up-leveled my business. I was reading one of his books and it hit me that I needed to be more innovative with my work. I was getting stagnant.

I researched and tested physical programs and products that could help my clients and started creating energy healing programs that could do the same thing or better.

During this testing process, I created something I called energetic physiology. I found people needed to move their bodies more to heal stuck issues. The energetic physiology program up- levels the brain to intuitively understand how to do yoga therapy, regular yoga, Pilates, and other healing movements without the need to take a formal class. It also allows the client to understand how to do physiotherapy on themselves without the need to pay to see a practitioner. It is currently the only energy program of its kind.

What were the most important resources, tools, affirmations, mindset strategies or practices that you used to build your business to where it is today?

My own energy healing methods. I found it helpful to use my own energy healing 24/7 and created an easy way to do that. When my healing energies were at a high enough level, I was able to create energetic clearing programs that opened my genius to areas that allowed quantum leaps in my business growth. FYI, the higher the level of the energy healing, the more effective it is.

Are there any books, podcasts, apps, tech, or other types of products that helped you reach your goals? Are these still used today? Please share specifically and why.

The book “7 Habits of Highly Successful People’, helped me improve my people skills immensely. I still use the skills I learned from that book today. I became a certified facilitator of The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People when I was in the corporate world. I taught this program to other employees.

One of the most important things I learned from Covey, the author, was that I needed to seek first to understand and then to be understood. This principle has helped me become a better listener and communicator with my clients and in my personal relationships. Being a facilitator of this program helped me learn how to have a positive influence on the lives of others. It was a major turning point in my life.

Out of all of the things you listed earlier if you only had one resource that would help you grow your business and reach your next financial milestone, which would it be and why?

Again, I would say my energy work and my ability to keep up-leveling it. I created a new transformational energy healing program after opening up my manifesting abilities to a higher level. As a result, opportunities are popping for me and my clients who use this program like crazy!

What do you think is the greatest challenge for women and creating wealth/abundance? What advice would you have for someone that is feeling blocked by that obstacle?

Women are often taught to put others first and believe they need to. These deeply ingrained beliefs often prevent them from obtaining what they truly desire. My advice: “Make time for your greatest desires even if it’s a small amount of time to start”. For example, if you want to do art. Make time for it. Make it a priority. If other things aren’t getting done such as household chores, ask for help. You deserve to live a life you love.

Great! Here is the main question of our interview. What are your “5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started” and why?

Your mom will love you no matter what you do.

There were many times I was concerned about my family’s understanding of what I did for a living. I started coaching people when business coaching was a new field and not many people knew about it or even understood it. When I started doing energy healing work, I didn’t tell my family for a long time out of fear of what they would think. Now they know what I do. They still don’t fully understand it and that’s okay. They just want me to be happy.

Follow your intuition and not the thoughts/voices in your head.

At some point, the thoughts in my head took over, and they would go from good to terrible. It seemed like it was guidance speaking but it was actually my unconscious ego. I have since learned that many people face the same challenge. I had to up-level my intuitive abilities to bypass my ego when working with clients.

In doing this I learned to bypass my ego when working with clients. I can now get out of the way when working with clients and support them in what they want rather than what my mind thinks would be best for them. I’m also better able to follow my intuition rather than what I think when it comes to making decisions about my life and business.

Be a continuous innovator in your field.

I’ve always been creative, and I love creating new things. However, I didn’t realize how innovative I could get with energy work. The possibilities are endless and I keep pushing boundaries to see what else is possible.

I test all my new ideas on myself and my family first and then on a sample of at least 300 people to see what positive differences it makes. If it doesn’t make a notable difference on the test sample, I keep tweaking it until it does.

For example, I infused proprietary healing energies into customers’ shampoos to help heal their brains and their minds. I’ve found that the “energized shampoo” helps them absorb the healing energies better. Results include improved mental acuity, financial acuity, business acuity, and creativity among other things.

It also helps hugely with people’s physical health since many health problems start in the skull.

You have the ability to make a significant positive impact in the world.

I went to New York and visited the Bill Gates Foundation. They displayed a lot of ideas on how to make a big impact in the world. This got me thinking about how I could make a bigger difference.

I decided to create a healer training program that teaches people how to use the special energies I created to make a bigger impact on the world. This healing energy helps people in power be the best they can be.

It is so fulfilling for me and my students to see our world leaders shift and do more positive things in the world as a result of receiving our energy healing. I just wish all of our government and corporate officials could receive this healing. Some have a resistance to it and therefore don’t receive it.

You can be anything you want including a multi-millionaire.

The lens through which I see myself and what I am capable of has been too narrow for most of my life. I never considered doing typically male professions or things that require physical strength or agility. I’ve always seen myself as feminine, smart, assertive, and unathletic. It’s a box I cast myself in. I become more confident when I work outside this box. I’ve realized there really isn’t much I can’t do as long as I truly commit to it. I am more athletic at age 64 than I ever was before.

It feels great to continue to do things that defy the box I had put myself it. I never saw myself becoming a healer, an artist, or a multi-millionaire. But here I am now: A healer, an artist, and a multi-millionaire.

We are sure that you are not done. What comes next? What’s your next big goal and why? What plan have you put in place to achieve it? Why is it a stretch for you? What will achieving it represent for you and for others?

I’m working on a book called “The Millionaire Healer’s Secrets to Manifesting. I want people to realize that everything is possible. While money by itself won’t make you happy, it does let you do things you likely couldn’t without money. Most multi-millionaires make a positive impact on the world. My desire is to help people make a mark and eventually, end abuse of all kinds.

How can our readers further follow your work online?




Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us and our readers. We know that it will make a tremendous difference and impact thousands of lives. We are excited to connect further and we wish you so much joy in your next success.



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