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Social Impact Heroes: Why & How Dr Santokh S Badesha of National Academy of Inventors Is Helping To Change Our World

It is important to recognize and leverage diversity, not just race but skills in work environment! It helps in an overall team environment. Soft skills that include looking beyond the traditional diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, etc. Diversity of skills in developing future job offerings is critical in the workplace.

  1. It is important to focus on the workforce of the future. Politicians should support state and federal level funding to connect academia and industry research for innovation, and this will feed into the creation of new jobs and the future workforce.
  2. Community and society can help bring needed talent from the inner-city, rural areas and other diverse neighborhoods. There is lot of talent out there. It is a must-do effort to bring all the talent together on the same level so that everyone can excel.
  1. The importance of being a team player: It is important to be able to let go, get involved and collaborate!
  2. IP Generation and Management: The ability to generate the value for the organization you are working for and manage that function.
  3. Environmental Imperatives such as sustainability, cleantech, and designs for sustainability: All businesses are forced to look into the environment. Industry folks can design offerings around sustainability and the environment. Whatever you put out will come back to you because it is a lifecycle! Design things in a way that you are willing to address when it comes back to you.
  4. Open Innovation: This term was coined by Hennery Chesbrough. It means that when you start doing a task, don’t try to complete it with what you have. Try to see who else can help you. Look at competitors, academia and do it together. Additionally, while you are working together share the output with your partners to build lifetime relationships. Play not only into your companies interests but also your partners’. Your ability to work across the isles with academia, other businesses, and at the government, state and federal levels will make you very successful. I am an example of that. This is what I teach and preach.



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