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Social Impact Investors: How Joseph Carr of Josh Cellars Is Helping To Change The World

…I would love to bring the spirit of Joshgiving to the masses, following the footsteps of others I admire such as Jose Andrés. I aspire to continue to give back to causes that matter to me and beyond, creating a large-scale global community that can help people in need. What I’ve found is that a movement like this starts by helping your own community, your own neighborhood first. I’m dedicated to continuing this wonderful charitable work with Josh Cellars, to make a difference however and wherever we can.

  • Support for Veterans: In honor of my dad Josh, (the brand’s namesake) who was a US Army vet, Joshgiving included a special giveback program to support American Humane’s Pups 4 Patriots — a program that trains service dogs to help veterans in need. Josh Cellars donated $100,000 to the organization including $1 for every bottle purchased on throughout November.
  • Local ‘Acts of Thanks’: Local Joshes in Boston, NYC, Denver, San Diego, and Nebraska gave back to their communities with a variety of different charitable acts — supporting the LGTBQ+ community, helping the homeless with a coat drive, meal distributions, and beyond.
  1. A real passion for what they are doing — Important that you are investing with people who believe in their cause/position
  2. Willingness to collaborate — Be sure that the people you are investing with are willing to work alongside you/as much as you
  3. A long-term outlook — Investment is not always a short game, there should be a plan for the future and beyond!
  4. Realistic expectations — Acknowledging the real return on the investment and what the time frame will be so you can plan accordingly



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