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Sports Stars Making a Social Impact: Why & How Boxing Pro Just Isaac Is Helping To Change Our World

Many people have the perception that everything is glorious. However, to operate and function on a championship level, in the sport of boxing it is a very lonely life. The intense mental and physical training cannot be ignored. Overcoming the voices of fear in the mind is especially important in relation to achieving a goal, dream, or vision, everyone aiming to accel will have these challenges.

  1. “Fear is only a thought”- In life, we may experience moments that involve being afraid to make choices, however, if we recognize that fear comes in the form of images in the mind, in some cases to protect us and in other cases as steppingstones towards being victorious as we overcome them (Our fears).
  2. “Compassion is just as important as passion”- When we have a goal, vision, or purpose we should be enthusiastic about it, yet we should have empathy and consideration for the people that we are connected to directly or indirectly.
  3. Influence runs the world. — Ideas are transmitted from one person to the next, Influence affects culture, lifestyle, and ultimately our perception.
  4. Never be held hostage by someone’s opinion. — Projections, or thoughts superimposed through words can set someone free or hold them in bondage, in other words, someone’s opinion can imprison, or it can break limitations. The deciding factor is, what are your values, and what is your desired destination.



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