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Strategies To Take Stunning Photos, With Pablo Solomon

I had the pleasure of interviewing photographer Pablo Solomon.

I had been taking photos for years to use in my art and to illustrate varies articles for my friends. People began asking if they could buy my photos. So I began selling the photos I had and taking new ones.

Since I am always happy when people like my art, designs and photos, it is always fun to have people buy my work. OK — I’ll be honest, photographing Playboy models for a few shoots was great fun.

One time I was on the Isle of Capri photographing some wonderful scenery and architecture. Unfortunately I had a cold with some fever. I got my bag of used rolls of film mixed up with the new ones and double exposed a day’s worth of shots.

Yes, if do not feel well, go to bed and sleep it off.

We just seemed to have the knack of listening to what clients want and providing it.

We have made a lot of clients happy with our art, designs and photos. One time some clients flew us to Santa Fe to plan the art for the home they were building. On another occasion clients flew us to Dallas to deliver some art and designs for their new home. A few months later they flew us up to be honored guests at their party to show off the completed home.

Just do your best and try to improve and to learn with each new project. Sometimes what might appear to be the most mundane projects can present an opportunity to stand out with creativity.

Absolutely. My wife’s best friend best friend Marilyn was a beautiful lady whom she met when they both worked for a French designer. Marilyn became a fantastic photographer and internationally known for her work depicting the French countryside. Before her untimely death at the cruel hands of cancer, Marilyn introduced us to one of the top art collectors in the world. This gentleman was literally a billionaire. This one introduction led to our selling tens of thousands of dollars worth of art and photography and put us into a new level recognition.

While my wife Beverly and I are taking it a bit easier with age, we are always excited to find new projects that challenge us. For example we were lucky enough to document the fantastic Trammel Crow collection of early 20th century French bronzes in Dallas. Possibly the best collection outside of Paris. Due to a series of not so perfect events, the company decided to remove the sculptures from public view and put them safely behind high fences at one of their gated office parks. This was a sad loss to the public of Dallas. Our photos are perhaps the best black & white documentation of the sculptures in their original landscaped settings.

We try.

You are a person of great influence. If you could start a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger. :-) To promote the desalination of sea water to provide fresh water for the world’s agricultural needs.

They cannot as we do not do social media — but they would be better off living in the real world any way.



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