The New Technology Behind Your Ticket: Project Admission

Caroline James
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3 min readOct 22, 2018


We recently sat down with the founder of Project Admission, Stephen Glicken to discuss his new company and how it is revolutionizing the way we will attend concerts and live events.

Tell us a bit about how and why you started Project Admission.

We started Project Admission to create a more connected experience in ticketing. Coming from the music industry where we worked with a number of global touring artists, ticketing’s disconnected experience came into particularly sharp focus. Event organizers have a limited understanding of who is attending shows and minimal control over the lifecycle of their tickets — -who buys the tickets vs who actually attends the event. Artists struggle to participate fairly and the experience for fans buying and transferring tickets is riddled with issues. Our team’s industry experience gives us a unique perspective and the understanding needed to solve these big problems.

What advantages do you think you offer to the consumer and event producers?

We created a very simple flow for ticket buyers to make the experience after buying tickets more fluid. We want to make it easier to bring your friends and family with you to an event, and to help you get a fair exchange if plans change and you can’t go. For event producers we are helping capture more information around the lifecycle of the ticket to better market future events and to improve customer service.

How do you think Project Admission will change the Ticketing Industry?

Rather than attempt to compete with or rival the deeply entrenched infrastructure in ticketing, we are taking a holistic approach to connecting existing platforms. Our goal is to create some measure of control while working within the realities of how tickets are bought, sold, and exchanged. For example, a ticket that is powered by Project Admission is more like a boarding pass that is tied to their individual information and the bar code is hidden until the days leading up to the event. This layer of technology keeps the ticket secure and provides valuable data throughout the supply chain, without changing too much of the process that customers and ticketing companies are already used to when purchasing and selling tickets.

What is next for Project Admission?

We have a number of things on our product and business roadmaps that we will be sharing with you all very soon. Lots of big things lined up moving in to 2019!

About Stephen Glicken

Stephen Glicken is the co-founder and CEO of Project Admission. Fueled by a passion to help protect the relationship between artists and fans, Glicken started Project Admission in late 2017 to create an improved, more connected experience for the management, distribution and exchange of digital tickets. Previously, Glicken was an audio engineer working with artists like P. Diddy, Whitney Houston, No Doubt, and the Wu Tang Clan. Most recently, Glicken was head of Business Development at Songkick, where he worked with artists such as Adele, Paul McCartney, and Kenny Chesney.