The Power of Influence: Creating Extraordinary Connections Faster

What you can do now that will change your level of influence in less than a year.

My first time meeting Melissa Monte, host of the popular podcast “Mind Love”, she told me a story that stuck with me for an entire year until we ended up chatting again. I remembered her story, it really resonated with me, and that’s why I was not at all surprised to hear about her recent (and rapid) success in podcasting.

Through raw stories, personal experience and inspiring interviews, Mind Love highlights the incredible role of the mind in happiness, health and success. As an entrepreneur, yogi, former corporate VP and self-proclaimed seeker, Monte has spent the last 16 years exploring methods of improving the human condition and learning what makes us humans tick. Monte’s cleverness, her ability to take a broader perspective, and connect dots that leave listeners wanting more is just one box on the checklist of how to become the center of influence through podcasting. Lucky for you, we will share plenty more of that success checklist here today.

Get Your Mind Right

If you are viewing podcasting from the proper angle, it’s easy to see how this medium offers a three-fold solution for connecting with your tribe and network. Podcasting not only serves the growth of the listeners, it also serves the growth of the host, as well the growth of the guests. Hosts can speak on their areas of expertise while connecting with like-minded guests. Those guests get an opportunity to really highlight what they’re doing that’s different and connect with the listeners, and the listeners have access to exactly what they’re seeking. This is important because, with the right mindset, it’s much easier to understand what your listeners want and need, and to have clarity around guests that can really offer those things.

Monte’s podcast boasts 1,000,000+ downloads and counting, which is massive… but wouldn’t mean anything if her engagement didn’t align. Newsflash, it does. And there’s a few reasons why her approach is showing such a high return: she is as real as they come. Her once “flighty mind” that lead her in numerous directions at once allows her to follow the roads her listeners also simultaneously travel, to dig deep into unique and diverse topics, and to never once apologize along the way for being different. Didn’t we tell you- authenticity sells?

“The more we try to avoid mistakes, the more our fear holds us back from taking action.” Learning to speak up, stand in her power, and own her realm of reality is one of the things Monte credits her success to. Being able to fail without stopping is what separates the entrepreneurs from the rest.

Money Talks

Building multiple revenue streams into her podcast was a plan for Monte from the beginning. She set out to replace her income, and knew she would need to look further than sponsorships. Her speaking gigs allowed her to build out programs offerings, and she’s now looking at expanding into potential membership offerings and events. This constant flow forward allows Monte to serve up modern mindfulness for her listeners in ways that meet them right where they are.

The ability to see the world from a perspective, understand that others are also seeking this same perspective, and then provide that through a medium where you can speak your heart and mind to those seekers is the most modern thing we need right now. Collectively, this ability to connect with our ideas and our callings- this is influence, this is modern mindfulness.

5 Things You Need to Know to Create An Extremely Successful Podcast

Top 5 best ways to… right here, right from Monte herself, on how she has grown her podcast, engagement, and influence so rapidly over the past year.

The best way to book guests: Make it easy for them, send a booking link, avoid the back and forth.

The best way to increase listeners: Ask people to share, make it easy for them to share, and tell them exactly how to share. “Screenshot this, tag that.”

The best way to produce a professional podcast: Invest (a small amount) in good equipment, because you are talking and your voice is your listeners connection, your sound is important. .

The best way to encourage engagement: Tell listeners exactly how to comment or engage and then respond to them, let them know you are listening too. Interact, get them on you email list, and use those points of contact to create more avenues of influence with your listeners and subscribers.

The best way to monetize: Build your own products. Creating multiple revenue streams is spot on. The more you connect with your listeners, the more you’ll understand what they are seeking. Use that to create products the uplift and expand your influence.