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The Thought Leader Incubator By Authority Magazine

You’re an expert in your field. You could be content with the status quo, with success. But you stretch higher, strive for more.

We at Thought Leader Incubator will help you to reach that next level.
Our publication, Authority Magazine, showcases leading people in their fields: CEOs, athletes, actors, singers, investors, entrepreneurs. Interviews with them are why our magazine’s unique viewers per month (UVM) is more than 50 million. We will arrange for you to interview these leaders, who will then post and tweet your interview to hundreds of thousands of their followers — in addition to our readers and your own followers.

Our team will help you to prepare for the interview and to write the article. At the end of each article, as part of the author’s bio, the article will mention your business and expertise. We will syndicate your columns to other national publications, including Buzzfeed, Entrepreneur and Forbes.

At Thought Leader Incubator, we can help you to write several articles and social-media posts/tweets each week — at minimal investment of time by you — on topics showcasing your expertise.

Publication of these interviews, articles and social-media commentaries will accelerate the path toward branding you as a trusted authority in your field. You’ll garner the credibility and exposure that goes with it, and high-powered readers will soon be contacting you to seek your expertise.

Depending on the package you purchase from us, we will then leverage that output to create a podcast series and a book. We will position you as a speaker at events and conferences. You will be sought after for interviews on radio, television and podcasts.

Each level of exposure will place you in prime position to network with other prominent figures. In fact, we at Thought Leader Incubator will organize those networking opportunities. We will arrange for press passes that grant you access to important, exclusive events … and further avenues for networking.

With our help, you can count on becoming a more visible authority than you already are. Building a brand as a trusted expert will differentiate you from the competition.

In short, compared to other forms of traditional branding, the Thought Leader Incubator is far more effective, and cost-effective, in branding you as an expert in your field.

If you think the Thought Leader Incubator would be a good fit for you, please send an email to


This Tier Includes Six Major Benefits:

  • Personal, 1-on-1 mentoring each week with Yitzi Weiner, the Editor In Chief of Authority Magazine
  • Become known as a trusted subject matter expert by authoring a syndicated column. Your columns will help you to become known as an Authority. You have the full support of our team of editors and writers so that you will publish more than 20 interview articles a month with surprisingly little effort.
  • Publish a book about the topic of your expertise. Your book helps you to become known as an Authority. You have the full support of our team of editors and writers so that you can create and publish a book with surprisingly little effort.
  • Create a podcast series about the topic of your expertise. We will show you how to turn your interviews into a podcast. Your podcast helps you to become known as an Authority.
  • Grow your audience very fast by “borrowing the audience” of other leaders with huge followings. The content that we produce together is interviews with prominent leaders and celebrities. When you do an interview with a leader with a large platform and following, and that leader shares the interview, you borrow their audience and gain exposure through that expert’s audience. This is on top of the large built-in readership of Authority Magazine and Buzzfeed.
  • Connect and interact directly with other leaders who you can collaborate with to achieve your goals. If your business works with a specific demographic, you can talk and build relationships directly with leaders in that demographic. This includes talks on the phone, talking over Zoom, as well as travel to exclusive events like the Emmys, private screenings, celebrity events, and trade conventions, where you can interview and interface with prominent leaders in person.


Tier 2 includes the following benefits.

  • Includes all of the benefits of tier one.
  • In addition, each month we will pitch the editors of other prominent publications to consider you to be a columnist there as well.


Tier 3 includes the following benefits.

  • Includes all of the benefits of tiers one and two. In addition,
  • We will help you get enough media mentions to create a Wikipedia page about you.
  • We will pitch you to appear on TV as a subject matter expert
    We will pitch you to give a TEDx Talk
  • And we will pitch you to create a reality TV show


We really enjoy working with agencies. If you represent an agency, we offer a 20% agency discount so that you can white label and upsell it to your clients.


Authority Magazine is not affiliated with any of the other companies mentioned above. Authority Magazine can be employed to guide and consult on how to craft and syndicate articles to other publications, but can never guarantee the publication of any particular submission or syndication.


What Our Members Are Saying:

There are times in your life when you come across an opportunity so grand that it serves to ignite your destiny. This may sound like a bold claim, but TLI has afforded me the ability to be seen as a bonafide thought leader and authority in my respective field. Yitzi Weiner’s guidance, wisdom, and gentle hand have opened doors previously closed. He has put me in contact with individuals I could have only dreamt about meeting. In less than seven months since joining the incubator, I have published over 600 articles with various publications, authored a #1 best-selling book, interviewed notable celebrities, been invited to cover numerous industry events in the U.S. and abroad, and catapulted my social proof and media presence.
- Savio P. Clemente, Board-Certified Wellness Coach, Best-selling Author, Syndicated Columnist, Podcaster

Working with Yitzi at Authority Magazine helped propel me into life as a journalist, podcast host and author. He has an amazing talent for seeing your strengths and connecting you with the right people to help further your career. He is a wonderful mentor and teacher, passionate about the work and eager to encourage, support and push you out of your comfort zone in the best way. I can’t thank him enough for his encouragement and trust in me. I feel blessed to be working alongside him at Authority Magazine.
-Karina Michel Feld, Founder Tallulah Films

The adage is true — it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. And TLI makes it easier to expand your network, create community and provide a platform to share compelling insights and ideas. The caliber of conversations and connections have shaped my point of view as a thought leader and my perspective as a human. And many interviewees have become in real life collaborators and friends. The added bonus is that the TLI team is comprised of the most caring, compassionate people I’ve been fortunate to work with in my career.
-Karen Mangia, WSJ Best Selling Author & Salesforce VP

I have been working with TLI for almost 3 years now and could not be more content with Yitzi and the team. TLI is a company that took me 10 years to find and once I found them, I have never looked back. The kindness and professionalism of the team is like no other and it truly feels like you are working with family. The most impressive thing about working with the team is that they easily plug you into their network and a lot happens very quickly. Such amazing content has come from working with the team which has in turn given me great opportunities. I have especially enjoyed working with Yitzi as he makes it effortless to express your ideas and most importantly execute them. I could not recommend TLI more and look forward to many more years of success with them.
— Tyler Gallagher, CEO and Founder Regal Assets

Thought Leadership Incubator is a program that helps brands build their credibility and thought leadership. The program provides a framework to help brands develop their PR content strategies, while also helping them build their brands as experts in their industries.
The program has helped our clients establish themselves as experts in their field by providing them with all the tools they need to create high-quality content and leverage it to become thought leaders in their own sectors. It’s highly recommended for any agency looking to make their clients household names.
- Kristin Marquet, Founder Marquet Media

TLI has exposed my brand in all the right ways, by helping to put me in front of the right leaders and influencers in my respective field. By doing so, I’ve positioned my brand in a way that will catapult me into the next phase of my career — as a true Thought Leader. Since joining TLI I learned the value of knowledge. The importance of being able to educate people, in an articulate way, on the important issues they want to learn about. By providing all of this value up-front, I have become the go-to mortgage advisor for both advice and strategic guidance. This wouldn’t have been possible without the exposure TLI has provided me.
-Ross Garcia, Co-Founder, Divorce Mortgage Advisors

I am so happy to work with TLI. It was the best business decision for me. TLI helped my brand gain a lot of visibility and raise trust and respect for my business. I am now a national syndicated author contributing daily to popular online publications. Such exposure resulted in client attraction and higher conversion for my services. I also have gained an incredible pool of strategic alliances with whom I co-create on a weekly basis and have BIG plans for the future. Yitzi in particular is a very warm, giving, responsible and approachable. He has given me lots of insights and advice along the way. I will continue working with TLI and cannot wait to see what this partnership unfolds for me and my brand in the future.
-Dr. Marina Kostina, Founder Ravenous Life Healing Center

TLI has connected me with some of the most impressive, prominent clinicians and healers helping me build a powerful network and increase my scope of influence. The amount of quality content I’ve gained has produced various products and added value to my knowledge base. Yitzi is a pleasure to work with. He deeply cares for his clients and has a wealth of knowledge that can help you grow.
- Bianca L. Rodriguez, Founder You Are Complete

I knew I wanted to work with Yitzi the moment I read about Thought Leader Incubator. In the first month, we are up to publishing an article a day with fantastic experts in my field. Yitzi is knowledgeable, motivating and a stellar guide. I’ve started referring my own clients to Yitzi and they are getting great results also!
-Sara Connell, Founder Thought Leader Academy

Yitzi and TLI did more for me in terms of exposure in one month, than I got in 20 years of hiring PR firms- and I must have spent more than $100,000 on PR.
-Edward Sylvan, CEO, Sycamore Entertainment Group




In-depth Interviews with Authorities in Business, Pop Culture, Wellness, Social Impact, and Tech. We use interviews to draw out stories that are both empowering and actionable.

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A “Positive” Influencer, Founder & Editor of Authority Magazine, CEO of Thought Leader Incubator

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