Tonya Hoopes Of Hoopes Events On How To Successfully Ride The Emotional Highs & Lows Of Being An Entrepreneur

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20 min readJan 2, 2022

First, you need an outlet; this should be something or someone that you can help you work through your highs and lows. For me, that is my husband; when I am super excited about something, I can share it with him, and we can talk about why I am so excited. When I was going through the emotional lows of my business due to COVID-19, he reminded me of all the things I had accomplished and that together we could work through anything. He didn’t sugar coat it; he knew it would be tough but reminded me to believe that I could and would make it through this extremely tough time.

Being a founder, entrepreneur, or a business owner can have many exciting and thrilling moments. But it is also punctuated with periods of doubt, slump, and anxiety. So how does one successfully and healthily ride the highs and lows of Entrepreneurship? In this series, called “How To Successfully Ride The Emotional Highs & Lows Of Being An Entrepreneur” we are talking to successful entrepreneurs who can share stories from their experience. I had the pleasure of interviewing Tonya Hoopes.

Tonya has an extensive background in the fashion and event planning industries; she started her career in Manhattan at Saks Fifth Avenue as an intern and over the next seven years was promoted multiple times until she was responsible for several departments, including designer brands such as St. John Knits, Ellen Tracy, Dana Buchman, Tahari and more. She spent the next seven years as a manager for Limited Inc.; after leaving Limited, she became the CEO of the National Association of Women MBAs, where she was able to fulfill another passion of helping women around the world better themselves. Tonya has planned and executed well over 500 weddings and 100 corporate events for parties as small as 12 and as large as 2500.

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