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Total Health: Allera Dawn of The Modern Day High Priestess On How We Can Optimize Our Mental, Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Wellbeing

Learning to let go is also such a powerful lesson and tool. When we realize we can’t control everything in life, and we can release the heaviness of trying to. The universe will re-organize things for us when we let go & get out of our own way!

Often when we refer to wellness, we assume that we are talking about physical wellbeing. But one can be physically very healthy but still be unwell, emotionally or mentally. What are the steps we can take to cultivate optimal wellness in all areas of our life; to develop Mental, Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Wellbeing?

As a part of our series about “How We Can Cultivate Our Mental, Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Wellbeing”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Allera Dawn.

Allera Dawn is known as The Modern Day High Priestess, a business spiritual advisor, multi-dimensional energy healer & coach.

She specializes in empowering individuals to connect deeply into ALL of self to expand their conscious awareness & accelerate their vision for life & business into reality by curating powerful transformational journeys utilizing her groundbreaking Soul Architect Series ™ modality.

Allera brings an unconventional perspective birthed from a lifetime of mastering her spiritual gifts along with training in Clinical Hypnotherapy/Counselling plus insight that can only come from nearly 20 years of personal business experience working in the world of Finance.

Thank you so much for joining us in this interview series! Before we dive into the main focus of our interview, our readers would love to “get to know you” a bit better. Can you tell us a bit about your childhood backstory?

Sure! I grew up in the New Forest, Hampshire in the UK. The eldest of three children.

It was an upbringing of polarities. On one hand we lived close to the forest, and I was given free reign to explore without limits. This fed my adventurous, independent nature & allowed me to immerse myself in the deep connection I have with nature & the elements. Yet this was also born of a need & desire to escape an often-turbulent home environment. The key theme was of constantly treading on eggshells & not feeling safe or supported.

As a young child I experienced two near death experiences by the age of 4 years old. Unbeknown to me at the time these were soul aligned incidents that would shape my life in many ways.

One incident was nearly drowning in a swimming pool. I clearly recall watching myself & communicating with a team of spiritual light beings. It was very quick & I was then forced back into the body just before being fished out of the water. It wasn’t my time to leave!

These initiations kept a clear doorway open with the unseen, non-physical world. It also switched on my extra sensory gifts & healing abilities. Which has been a journey of ongoing expansion & mastery of them to help others as I do now.

I was able to recall past life experiences as a child & would get alerts from my guides to help me avoid danger. We also had a lot of supernatural activity in our home. Which as a child was overwhelming.

The experiences enforced within me a strong inner trust in the guidance I received. My intuition is my leading-edge tool as I could always expand any idea or perspective to its next level very naturally. I am forever curious, learning & expanding. I also never accept status quo or allow the past to define the future. I am aware we are far more co-creatively powerful than we realize.

At school I was creative and academic. Dance & Drama had been passions, but I also loved History & Science. Even then I never understood why we had to fit in limited boxes.

To me we are all multi-dimensional! Which includes a wide range of interests & expertise!

What or who inspired you to pursue your career? We’d love to hear the story.

I feel all along it was my soul guiding me through a series of experiences to gain understanding and expertise.

If you had told my teenage self I would spend many years working in Global Investment banks, travelling the world to see clients & would be working with numbers. I wouldn’t have believed you. I hated math’s at school.

I never consciously planned to enter that world. Yet I now understand the souls higher perspective as it provided an in-depth view into the Global money system & international business trading. Which gives me a different lens when I am working with clients transforming their money blocks! I also see how many women end up fearing numbers, money & lack financial literacy. It starts in the school system.

By my teenage years things had become much worse at home. I left home at 18 years old and became financially independent. I knew that I had a choice. I stay and accept the version of reality my family had for me, or I choose to believe in myself and go create something else.

I chose the latter. It was a deep rite of passage & an initiation into how we really can live multiple lives in one. We can always re-invent ourselves no matter what age. These steps out of the home environment not only gave me confidence they also highlighted that you get to re-write the script. You aren’t defined by your circumstances or childhood unless you choose to be.

Fast forward a few years & I’d been working for the top Global Investment banks in London & New York. Although I was advancing up the corporate career ladder. It fed my appetite for being around dynamic thought leaders & had a buzz of excitement. It didn’t feed my soul.

It was only after cancelling my wedding in 2008 & realizing I had to re-evaluate my life that I really got focused on my true soul purpose! It was a catalyst to change focus & a kind of re-birth. I changed every area of my life. Including letting go of many friendships which weren’t healthy or supportive.

I delved deep into my own healing to understand the breakdown of my relationship & the trauma I held from my childhood. It was then that I was inspired to make this experience count. To use it to help others.

This led me on countless steps into new unknown paths. I retrained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist & in a counseling modality called Gestalt Therapy alongside working in Finance.

Yet, I was still in the spiritual closet. That side of me was not fully out. I was suppressing that part of me! Which actually means I was not accessing all of my energy, tools or insight.

That all changed when I underwent an advanced soul initiation in 2014 & it really was a baptism of fire. To actualize my spiritual gifts and tools whilst keeping my feet firmly on the ground in my Finance job.

I realized that the toolkit I had created to help me thrive in a high paced environment as an empath was deeply needed by others. In fact, I started having people coming into my life asking to work with me. It was then I knew I had to go all in and say ‘yes’ to soul & stepping into a bigger mission!

I launched my business in 2017 & it went boom quickly with clients predominantly in the US, Australia & Asia. I was fully booked within 6 months and scaled in my second year. It’s really a vehicle for me to express my unique soul gifts & make impact in the world. I am excited to expand & help more people bring all of themselves to the table, mind, body & soul.

Society teaches us to play within the lines of limitation. I am multi passionate and a multi-dimensional being. I believe leading edge is integrating all parts of yourself including shadow & your intuitive superpowers! We no longer need to play by the old rules. We’re in a great period of change and consciousness evolution! I am excited to be a player in the game of life currently!

None of us can achieve success without some help along the way. Was there a particular person who you feel gave you the most help or encouragement to be who you are today? Can you share a story about that?

Teachers come in many forms. Including parents, siblings, the bullies & the haters. We tend to learn through contrast. I learnt so much from the unhealthy relationships & dynamics that it gave me a deep sense of clarity around why we attract these situations.

Ultimately, I am the number one common denominator in all relationships. So, I get to choose my response & if I want to play along in the drama or chaos. I can’t change others, but I can change myself. If I am attracting certain scenarios again and again it’s a sign for me to dig deep & find out why & break the pattern.

I am a rebel and bit of a free spirit by heart. So, I am not one to wait for someone’s permission or validation to go do what my soul is calling. I just go. I learnt early on to own my personal power, set boundaries & it was up to me to create the life I desired.

These experiences catalyzed me. I grew from each one & they initiated me into my journey to become a modern-day high priestess. I have so much gratitude for them!

Can you share the funniest or most interesting mistake that occurred to you in the course of your career? What lesson or take away did you learn from that?

Always check whether this new person, business opportunity or idea is aligned to my highest soul timeline! I now do this for both myself & clients!

When I was setting up my business, I hired a company to create my website. They agreed to the deadlines & I had to pay upfront. It all seemed good until I started asking for updates. Then I realized I’d made a mistake. They quite clearly hadn’t done any of the work. I cancelled the contract and walked away. I knew these people weren’t a match & I learnt I had to do better due diligence in future.

Thankfully I found a new developer and met my launch deadline. Big lesson learnt.

Is there a particular book that made a significant impact on you? Can you share a story or explain why it resonated with you so much?

The book, The 5 love languages, the secret to love that lasts by Gary Chapman, changed my life in huge ways. I often recommend clients read this.

It’s a great way to understand where some of our common wounds come from and how we connect as humans. It also provides an empowered perspective to change your relationship with yourself first which in turn has a positive ripple effect into the rest of your life. Loving ourselves and understanding our patterns means we can choose to live differently. We do not need to be defined by past trauma.

Can you share your favorite “Life Lesson Quote”? Why does that resonate with you so much?

‘’Dance to the beat of your own drum’’. Life changes when we start to align to what lights us up. It’s the doorway to accessing our intuition, expanding past the upper ceilings & living unapologetically self-expressed.

Society teaches us to fit in or follow a linear version of success. Yet it’s not often in alignment with who we truly are. So, we create the money, the lifestyle & then feel stuck.

Being brave enough to draw outside the lines, challenge the status quo & follow your own path. It’s not only the greatest adventure it also allows you to move past the limitations of what we believed to be possible. Meaning you get to play & create beyond your dreams.

What are some of the most interesting or exciting projects you are working on now? How do you think that might help people?

My favorite topic! I am such a creative force and always have new things being birthed!

As travel is beginning to open so is the demand for in person bespoke experiences. I am planning VIP in person 121 days in London & transformational retreats including those to sacred spiritual activation sites. This is such a beautiful & transformative experience that I am excited to share with my coaching clients.

I am opening the doors for my Money, Soul & Magick Immersion which assists women in transforming their relationship with money & aligns it to impact & purpose. Money blocks tends to be a main reason people hold back from living the life they desire.

I am also interviewing exciting guests on my podcast. 2022 is the year of metamorphosis & I’m inviting in those who are pioneering change in their lives & businesses. We go deep into energetics, consciousness shifts & how to expand wealth, pleasure & purpose in life!

OK, thank you for all of that. Let’s now shift to the core focus of our interview. In this interview series we’d like to discuss cultivating wellness habits in four areas of our lives: Mental wellness, Physical wellness, Emotional wellness, & Spiritual wellness. Let’s dive deeper into these together. Based on your research or experience, can you share with our readers three good habits that can lead to optimum mental wellness? Please share a story or example for each.

Sure, I’d love to share.

  1. Mental wellness:

I recommend not checking social media or emails till after you have given to yourself. Meaning i have stretched my body, eaten, connected with my desires & focus for the day. A morning gratitude ritual of just a few lines in a journal are also powerful at focusing on more of what you want in life and less on the distractions that appear throughout the day.

Becoming conscious that what we consume affects every part of us. Including the food we digest, the information we watch & what we listen to. It’s like a multi-dimensional diet. If you want to create a new reality and life for yourself where you feel more positive and uplifted. It will require a review of the unconscious habits. Including not consuming things that are fear based, perhaps on the news or watching that true crime series before bed.

2. Physical wellness:

Setting boundaries with self and others. Saying no to people or things that are energy bleeds and suck the life & joy out of you. Your energy and vitality are your currency. Value who and what you share it with.

Become responsible for the habits that both serve and hinder you. This could mean taking a look at where skipping self-care in the form of exercise or eating nourishing meals is showing up. Then looking under the surface at why you don’t prioritize giving those things to yourself. Many are adept at giving to others but end up with an empty inner well. It’s time to let go of the self-sacrifice mentality. It pollutes all area of your life and is a form of self-sabotage!

3. Emotional wellness:

Comparison is the thief of joy. Much of our social media marketing and beauty marketing is based on a creation of lack to make us buy something. Over time this can have us creating lives that aren’t really lighting us up we are just following the next trend seeking the next fix of validation. This affects how we feel emotionally.

Instead, I suggest tapping into desire. This is taking the time to dig deep and finding out what you want. Not what you were told you should want or should be doing. Getting clarity on what really excites you and lights up inner passion. This could be different from where you are right now. Instead of panicking it’s an opportunity for reinvention & exploration.

4. Spiritual wellness:

The quickest way to feel fabulous daily and consistently is to start practicing energy hygiene! Our environments strongly affect our energy levels and positivity. Which has a knock-on effect on our ability to think straight & get those creative ideas. Clear the clutter at home and regularly burn sage will help. Bring in items that are beautiful and inspire joy like fresh flowers or diffuse essential oils. My home also has crystals in each room to evoke a sense of peace and calm,

I like to reset using energy clearing meditations. This means that even if I feel overwhelmed by fear or anxiety. I can shift the state & clear the lower vibrational energy and get back to equilibrium. This was a game changer when I used to commute & work in a busy office.

Do you have a specific type of meditation practice or Yoga practice that you have found helpful? We’d love to hear about it.

My meditation practice is centered around grounding & reconnection to mind, body, soul & emotions. I will clear any energetic blockages, do some breathwork & often utilize dance to get myself uplifted and set for the day. I’ll then connect with my spiritual teams & guides. We’ll have a bit of a board meeting where I set intentions & they will support me in creating them.

Thank you for that. Can you share three good habits that can lead to optimum physical wellness? Please share a story or example for each.

Sure, sweating daily is detoxing on many levels. I love using an infra-red sauna after a workout. It also helps me get a deep night’s sleep.

I recognize that it’s important to move my body daily. A lot of the tension and monkey mind chatter is a result of stuck energy in the body. Emotion is energy in motion, so it gets stuck, for example by sitting at a desk all day or ignoring taking breaks.

Exercise can be a form of moving meditation for me & I will often get a lot of creative ideas & clarity drop in whilst I’m in the gym. My mind and body need variety, so I love trying new classes. I recently tried a hot yoga called Tribal beat. Which feels like you are in a sweat lodge whilst moving to a deep rhythmic beat! It’s lots of fun.

It’s important to include play in our day. Something most adults forget! I created a few mini playlists with 3 tracks, each with a different vibe. Some are upbeat and dynamic and others slower. Allowing myself to dance for the 12mins completely shifts how I feel and often provides a good boost of serotonin too!

Do you have any particular thoughts about healthy eating? We all know that it’s important to eat more vegetables, eat less sugar, etc. But while we know it intellectually, it’s often difficult to put it into practice and make it a part of our daily habits. In your opinion what are the main blockages that prevent us from taking the information that we all know, and integrating it into our lives?

I have found that there is a health information overload and a disconnect from an intuitive connection to our bodies. We are all unique and at different stages of both life and even monthly cycles we have different needs.

Foods is also strongly linked to survival. So, when we decide to follow a different diet that may on some level be perceived as restricted or too much of a change from our routine. It kicks off resistance & even self-sabotage. Unconsciously we are seeing the change as a threat to our survival.

I find adding new positive nourishing things to our lives and routines are easier to implement and make it easier to let go of the unhelpful habits. So, focusing on adding the good stuff first is key! We then don’t go into a survival and lack mentality where we feel we are losing out on something.

Our bodies are always communicating to us. Whether it’s we’re thirsty or craving something. When we get the foundations in place nutritionally, we will crave less of the unhealthier options & be able to decipher the difference between true hunger and emotional hunger. Allowing us to address the actual need.

Can you share three good habits that can lead to optimum emotional wellness? Please share a story or example for each.

I grew up not being taught healthy ways to express emotion. So, I would stuff my feelings inside and numb myself by either emotional eating or not eating at all. It was only later in life when I started my own healing journey that I found new ways to process & created a toolkit for myself.

There are no bad emotions. We are also not our emotions. This is key. Many are frightened by the intensity of their feelings that they will create unhealthy ways to block them which leads to us feeling unbalanced or blocked.

Giving yourself the time and space to process your emotions daily can help avoid overwhelm. An end of day ritual could be to journal all the grudges, resentment, frustrations you are carrying from the day. Then safely burning the paper and setting the intention that the heavy energy be cleared. Kind of taking out the trash at the end of the day.

Getting support and asking for help. Talking about how we are feeling is not only a powerful way to process it’s also healing as we are both seen and heard. Making us feel more connected to ourselves and others. This could be in the form of a friend, coach or therapist. Sometimes the power is that the person is not emotionally connected to the situation and holds nonjudgmental neutrality. So, we can be more openly expressive.

Connection to community or tribe. We have all been on some level affected by the past two years of separation from friends, family & routines that allowed us to connect with people. We are biologically wired for connection & I feel that this wound is deeply being felt across the world. I set up an online sisterhood group at the beginning of the pandemic to address this with the women I work with.

Do you have any particular thoughts about the power of smiling to improve emotional wellness? We’d love to hear it.

If we’re smiling, we’re lighting up inside with a good dose of serotonin which helps us feel less stressed. On the outside a smile is a radiant magnet! There is nothing more attractive than someone lit up with a big smile on their face!

Finally, can you share three good habits that can lead to optimum spiritual wellness? Please share a story or example for each.

My own experiences working on a busy Trading floor in the Bank led me to experience firsthand what it’s like to be amongst a sea of often highly charged individuals and pick up on others anxiety & how I would leave feeling energetically drained each day.

We get taught to brush our teeth and shower, but no one told us to clear our energy field! Science is catching up on what the ancients understood. Everything is energy!

As a highly sensitive psychic, healer, empath it is super important to be clearing my energy daily. I do this through either a guided meditation style practice, burning sage round myself & home or I will ask my spiritual teams to assist.

Strengthening the connection to source, soul, universe daily helps us remember our connection to far more than the mundane irritations of daily life. It taps us into infinite wisdom and more of our own life force. This also opens space for the unexpected to occur and open to new realities of possibility.

Learning to let go is also such a powerful lesson and tool. When we realize we can’t control everything in life, and we can release the heaviness of trying to. The universe will re-organize things for us when we let go & get out of our own way!

Do you have any particular thoughts about how being “in nature” can help us to cultivate spiritual wellness?

Getting out in nature has a great balancing effect. Barefoot on the Earth & wind on your face is a powerful medicine. Really taking the moment to listen to the sounds of the birds, touch the grass & activate all your senses. Notice how differently you feel after a short walk in nature. It diffuses us.

The water element is connected to our emotions. I love creating what I call spiritual baths filled with oils and Epson salts to wash away the day & reset.

Ok, we are nearly done. You are a person of great influence. If you could inspire a movement that would bring the most amount of good for the greatest number of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger.

The movement I care most about is supporting women to feel empowered to live unapologetically. Which means healing from past trauma, tapping into their desires & re-writing their scripts of how they want to be living.

The impact of a patriarchal society has meant that much feminine wisdom, connection, and support through life’s rites of passage was lost. A kind of split from wholeness that is mirrored through many cultures.

I have been creating immersions and coaching programs to supporting their reconnection to soul desires, coming back to a sense of wholeness & amplifying their ability to live a life filled with wealth, pleasure & impact.

This is part of a wider ripple effect which starts to bring more balance to the wellbeing of everyone and everything on the planet.

We are very blessed that some of the biggest names in Business, VC funding, Sports, and Entertainment read this column. Is there a person in the world, or in the US, whom you would love to have a private breakfast or lunch with, and why? He or she might just see this, especially if we both tag them :-)

I am really inspired by those who are ready to challenge the status quo and go create something new! Especially in taboo areas that no one talks about. Miki Agrawal epitomizes this! I love how she is supporting herself, family & the planet through innovation.

How can our readers further follow your work online?

I’m Allera Dawn on FB & @purelightallera on IG. My website is

Thank you for these really excellent insights, and we greatly appreciate the time you spent with this. We wish you continued success.




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