Ty Cohen: 3 Simple Steps To Cash In On The Digital Publishing Empire

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Photo Courtesy: Melida Cohen

Without question, we’re living in the land of uncertainty but equally the land of unprecedented opportunity — perhaps the most lucrative in modern history. Due to the mass re-shifting of economic landscapes, entrepreneurship continues to skyrocket at an unprecedented rate. Quite frankly, there is no shortage of opportunity and advancement. The biggest threat to our wealth emancipation is exposure to the right information. Unfortunately, within some households growing up, we didn’t have the luxury of conversations around finances, multiple income streams and wealth building. Rarely, did we see success modeled before us.

Ty Cohen knows all too well of a narrative that was played out growing up in one of the most atrocious housing projects and highest crime ridden cities in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Statistically, the odds of drug infestation, gang violence, abject poverty and common societal ills were against him. Adding insult to injury, he lost his father to complications from a gun assault, sister from sickle cell and faced his own battles daily from the same degenerative disease. Ty decided to reject the fate that was assigned to his destiny by rewriting a new narrative.

Today, Mr. Cohen has taken his life from sinking in the projects to serving individuals around the planet. He has worked with thousands over the past decade to create millions of dollars in sales through digital publishing.

Ty, why is digital publishing so relevant today, especially living in the waking threat of a global pandemic?

Why digital publishing? Because we are no longer competing with someone in our neighborhood, town or city. Through Amazon publishing, the marketplace is global. I’ve created a proven formula for success that has literally leveled the playing field for those who want to create additional income streams and more importantly, passive (residual) income streams. This is most critical due to economic collapses that are happening in real-time around us.

You have an international track record on teaching and positioning others on the power of passive income in the digital marketplace. Why has this been such a passion?

Passive income is being able to wake up and seeing that you’ve made money overnight and continue to get paid over and over again for the same effort. This systematic process is beautiful. No longer can we sit back and talk about what the economy is doing — this is the era to create your own economy. No longer is it about waiting for an invitation to someone’s table — eat from your own table.

Ty, can you share three (3) simple strategies that anyone can use to cash flow through digital publishing?

FIND THE MARKET. It can be fact or fiction as long as it’s a market willing to buy. Find markets where your prospects will continually want more, then supply the demand. The objective is producing great published content, and thereby making them a repeat customer.

CREATE YOUR CONTENT. There are two essential ways to get this done. Of course, you can write it yourself if you enjoy writing. However, if you have no interest or desire in writing, no worries, you can opt to outsource the book project on such platforms as freelancer.com, upwork.com, or guru.com.

PUBLISH YOUR CONTENT. When Amazon launched the Kindle app and opened up the Kindle platform, making it available to the global masses was the ultimate game changer! Now anyone has the capability to self-publish with exposure to buying customers with over 500 hundred million active credit cards on file.

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