From Buffer & Beyond: A Host Who Fell In Love With Podcasting

Tracy Leigh Hazzard
Jul 21 · 4 min read
Hailley Griffis — Co-Host of The Science of Social Media and the MakeWorkWork Podcasts

Hailley Griffis is the Head of Public Relations at Buffer, a company that’s primary focus is not only the bottom line. Buffers suite of social media products provides tools for audience engagement, visual marketing, and backs it all with analytics. With a heavy focus on the happiness of everyone involved, customers and team members, it’s no surprise that their client list includes giants like Shopify, GitHub, and Microsoft. It’s also no surprise that the podcast born of this business, aptly titled ‘The Science of Social Media’, has value at the center of their offerings, and produces bingeable episodes.

Exploring New Territory

Griffis, who has co-hosted Buffer’s podcast, The Science of Social Media, for two and a half years discovered the value in podcasting through her experience with The Science of Social Media, and knew she had more to offer. And that’s how the MakeWorkWork podcast was born.After a year of influence in this new role as co-host, Griffis has learned a lot about herself, her capacity, her co-host, and how much influence is in a conversation.

“I’m still surprised people care, I’m still surprised that recording a conversation with literally my best friend can mean so much, but above all else I’m so surprised that people in my actual normal life have started treating me differently, with more respect and giving me more authority and credit than I thought possible.”

The bio for MakeWorkWork is casual and meaningful, “A recorded conversation between two friends on each side of the Atlantic — navigating the professional world; talking tech, travel, and reading while doing their best to make work work.” This distinction is much different than the corporate landscape Griffis helps to offer on Buffer’s podcast, but there is an underlying foundation of transparency, authenticity, and value that are very, very similar.

Get Good At Listening

The reason the Buffer podcast has seen such success has a lot to do with listening. Users and community members gave such great feedback on the podcasts, and it’s relevancy, because they loved being able to attach a voice to Buffer, and Buffer had channels open to hear that feedback. Of course, offering a suite of social media products made it clear the direction in which they decided to go with their podcast, and this Science of Social Media, episode by episode, is packed with need-to-know relevant and insider content.

Hailley Griffis — Head of Public Relations for Buffer

Influence Is A Way of Podcasting

So how do you become the center of influence in your market? Put your mouth where your business is, speak to your consumers directly, share your expertise, and do this often. How do you become the center of influence when your show is much more personal? Be yourself, listen to the feedback, and offer transparency.

“With every new episode we release we are happily surprised and humbled at the kind response we get via email, and on Instagram and Twitter. We never could have dreamed that we’d be connected with a community of people we’d otherwise never get a chance to find, who are just as excited about processes, spreadsheets, to-do apps, and mental models as we are.”

Requirements for True Influence

Griffis has learned plenty along the way, and she hopes that never ceases to be part of the process. A few of the key takeaways she wanted to share with you:

  • Give really clear, actionable takeaways.
  • Be conscious of your listeners and the value of their time. Make sure you are always adding value.
  • Make it fun. Make the show as engaging, fun, and interactive as possible.
  • Know your listeners. Cater your content to your listener.
  • Don’t be scared of change. Influencers are never caught standing with their feet in concrete. They are shifting with the moments, making necessary changes, without fear of the change.

The thing about podcasting, no matter how many rules you are following or tidbits you are working in is this: it has to be fun, there has to be passion, and you have to be knowledgeable about the topics on your show. When you know your tribe of listeners inside and out, it’s much easier to choose content, topics, and guests.

5 Things You Need to Know to Create A Successful Podcast

Top 5 best ways to create success and long term connections, from Griffis.

  • The best way to book guests: Go out of the podcast circuit and look for unique guests.
  • The best way to increase listeners: Promote on all of your own channels, and really anywhere you can. Also, Facebook ads definitely worked for us.
  • The best way to produce a professional podcast: Invest in good equipment and give honest feedback during the production process.
  • The best way to encourage engagement: Ask you audience a lot of relevant questions that are debatable and have the potential to create conversations.
  • The best way to monetize: Backend private products that we plug in the show has been really beneficial for us.

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Authority Magazine

Leadership Lessons from Authorities in Business, Film, Sports and Tech. Authority Mag is devoted primarily to sharing interesting feature interviews of people who are authorities in their industry. We use interviews to draw out stories that are both empowering and actionable.

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