Vanessa Gordon of East End Taste Magazine: 5 Ways To Leverage Media Coverage To Dramatically Grow Your Business

Kage Spatz
May 4 · 5 min read
Vanessa Gordon

Make sure the content is strong, with insightful pieces of information crafted over a long period of time.

Welcome to another installment of our PR Strategy Series, where you can learn directly from top industry experts on how you can leverage media attention to grow your business.

I’m your host, Kage Spatz — here to help entrepreneurs, coaches, and service providers save more time, build more trust, and serve more customers. Today I had the pleasure of talking with Vanessa Gordon.

Vanessa Gordon is the CEO and Publisher of East End Taste Magazine, a digital sustainable travel and food publication based in the Hamptons. Vanessa is also the Founder and Host of the Hamptons Interactive Brunch. She lives in Sag Harbor with her husband and two children.

Thank you so much for joining us! Before we dive in, can you tell our readers a bit about yourself and how you got started?

The East End Taste brand was born out of a love for writing and for the region where I live (eastern Long Island). My business and brand have since evolved into a digital publication and media/marketing company that not only covers the Hamptons, but also sustainable travel and food trends around the world.

In your opinion, what separates your agency from others in the space?

First and foremost, our business has a huge love and appreciation for our local community and the work that is involved in creating strong content that resonates with those who follow our business. We have a strong presence across all social media platforms, including Clubhouse, a social media app (I) only just joined four weeks ago.

I always love to think ahead and be on top of my game. I truly love every aspect of what I do and am proud to stand at the helm of my business and brand.

As a successful business leader, which character traits do you think were most instrumental in getting you to where you are today?

What 3 media strategies would you consider being most effective in generating more business for a national brand?

1. Facebook ads: Facebook ads are some of the most effective ways to target customers. Unlike commercials and newspaper ads, you are specifically targeting your potential clients. You may also easily manage your budget, pause your campaign, and so much more. I always recommend boosting your best-performing posts, too.

2. Pollinate across social media platforms: Cross-promote and utilize each platform while being aware of your audience, ex. the demographic and diversity of the audience so you may create useful content that resonates with your followers.

3. Invest in video content: If the opportunity allows, invest in video content creation. Connect with a strong videographer who aligns with your brand/business. In addition, I would recommend investing in a content creation strategist to work together. Remember, only focus on creating the best of the best content. Then, go back to #1 and create an eye-catching and powerful social media ad!

Great advice! Let’s explore what the next steps would be after a business has been covered by the media. What are your “5 Ways To Leverage that Media Coverage To Dramatically Grow Your Business”?

For me and my business, those five ways are:

1. Have a strong social media presence, both pertaining to reach and content. Remember, quality over quantity. Always focus on creating your best content. For press, create a permanent Instastory highlight and continue to reshare those press mentions via stories/reels.

2. Stay informed and connected on LinkedIn. I call out LinkedIn in particular as I have noticed personally that many individuals are rarely on the platform or choose not to utilize it. Continue to share your press features, tag the journalist, and others who were quoted in the article. This also helps to create awareness and exposure for the piece and creating connections with those who engage on the post.

3. Keep your journalist connections informed. Reach out and stay in touch with those in the industry. Extend your knowledge and expertise to see if perhaps that journalist is working on any relevant coverage. In addition, always extend an opportunity for you to help them with making connections they may need as a way to pay it forward.

4. Repurpose and reformat older content. Add insightful information to content that had been published earlier on, and reshare so that it aligns with your current audience and how you have matured as a business since that publishing.

5. Create a permanent link for your media clips. Extend the value of your media coverage by creating a permanent home for the video clip, article link, etc. on your website, social media page(s), and online portfolio.

One more before we go: If you could start a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be?

I always appreciate it when I hear: “you have made my day…” Creating and passing along happiness to others always, in turn, makes my day!

Wonderful. Thank you for sharing your insights with us!

Author: Kage Spatz is a Forbes-ft. Entrepreneur & Strategist for Good — leveling the playing field for the other 99.9%. Now you can leverage the same team used by the Fortune 500, an NBA franchise, & high-end PR agencies to increase traffic, trust, and sales (without paying for ads). Learn more about a new advantage for you (or your clients) with Spacetwin.

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Reverse engineering success with data-driven marketing strategies for long-term organic growth. Apply today:

Authority Magazine

Leadership Lessons from Authorities in Business, Pop Culture, Wellness, Social Impact, and Tech. We use interviews to draw out stories that are both empowering and actionable.

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