Women in Finance: “Know your value” with Melissa Attanasio and Tyler Gallagher

Tyler Gallagher
Sep 9, 2019 · 10 min read

Know your value. I feel like young adults don’t know how to negotiate their worth, especially fresh out of college. Ask questions. What advancement will this position have in 5 years?

I had the pleasure of interviewing Melissa Attanasio , CEO and Founder of Abundant Wealth Strategies. Melissa has been in the financial industry since 1992. She established the RIA (Registered Investment Advisory) firm Abundant Wealth Strategies to demonstrate her commitment to providing the highest level of education, advice and planning for her clientele as they move through various life passages. In her commitment to their clientele, she earned the prestigious CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification and designation. While this encompasses many areas of financial planning and it often takes 2 years to obtain. It is utilized daily in her practice as she orchestrates and assists Abundant’s clientele in planning for current needs and generations to come. She currently serves as an investment consultant to various individuals and their businesses. Additionally, historically serving as nonprofit Treasurer and Investment Committee Chair. Melissa started her career in Tucson, Arizona after obtaining a bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona. As a parent herself, she understands the rising need to assist in the financial mentorship to generations to come — a true gift. She enjoys an active lifestyle participating in half marathons, indoor cycling, travel, and walks on the beach, all to maintain a life that is balanced and abundant.

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