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Women In Wellness: Kashara R Morring On The Five Lifestyle Tweaks That Will Help Support People’s Journey Towards Better Wellbeing

An Interview With Candice Georgiadis

Good Sleep- This is so important! I have gone to bed many nights after 2 a.m. and blamed it on insomnia. I feel like people underestimate just how necessary good sleep is. I have begun going to bed between 9:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. I wake up at 5:00 a.m. to start my day off right. As a result of this change, I have more energy and time in my day for necessary tasks.

As a part of my series about women in wellness, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kashara R Morring.

After serving eight years in the Air Force, separated in 2014. In the process of finding herself, she met a woman who introduced her to Reiki healing. She then realized so many women do not take care of themselves. Women either feel guilty thinking about self-care, think they don’t have time for it or feel it is out of reach due to finances. She then started Palm N Sole, a safe space for women and veterans to take time for their care, where she specializes in Thai massages and waterless pedicures. She has five-star reviews on Google and is an expert in this space.

Thank you so much for joining us in this interview series! Our readers would love to “get to know you” better. Can you share your “backstory” with us?

I was born in Waterbury, Connecticut. It is a small town in New Haven County. I decided to join the Air Force and was in Basic Military Training about a month before my 21st birthday in 2006. During my eight years in the service, I could travel to places I never imagined I would. In 2013, I decided to separate from the military. By this time, I had a four-year-old daughter and was mentally checked out due to trauma from my time at my last duty station in Augusta, Georgia.

I stayed in Georgia to finish school while my mother and daughter returned to Connecticut. During this time, I drove back to Connecticut quarterly to visit my daughter until late 2018. Back in Georgia, I met people who would show me different alternatives to the life I had become accustomed to. I began reading tarot and oracle cards. I started meditating daily, sometimes multiple times a day. I began to fast more because I had no money to buy food. When I did eat, it was mostly a vegan diet. I started wearing and studying crystals. I was beginning to shift.

After some odd jobs, I decided I wanted to start a business. I knew I wanted to help people; I just was unsure what I could do. Around 2015, I met a business owner through a mutual friend. She had a nail salon suite, and I figured I could learn much from her. We instantly clicked, and she suggested I go to nail school about a year later. She was in the process of expanding and offered me a spot if I became licensed. January 2016, I was in nail school at Elaine Sterling Institute. I knew then that nails would be a starting point for me because of my desire to provide energy work and readings to my clients. I was thinking about also becoming licensed in Massage Therapy.

When I completed my Nail Technology License requirements, I went to work for my friend for a couple of years at her now Medical Foot Spa. She did away with nails and focused on feet. I was introduced to waterless pedicures through my nail instructor, but I learned how to provide a proper pedicure through my friend. While at the Med Spa, I got my license in Massage and decided it was time to move on. I learned a lot about providing services for people with diabetes and people with severe fungal infections and neglected feet.

Palm N Sole Massage and Footcare began operating in 2019. I intended to create a safe space to provide foot care and massage modalities near and dear to my heart. This includes Lymphatic Drainage and Thai Yoga Bodywork. I also offer Reiki and waterless pedicures for basic feet and medical pedicures for more challenging cases.

Can you share the most interesting story that happened to you since you started your career? What were the main lessons or takeaways from that story?

One of the most exciting things that have happened since I opened Palm N Sole was also my first significant experience with feeling like a failure. When I left the Med Spa in September 2019, I entered a lease agreement for an office suite in Roswell, Georgia. First, my current client base planned to follow me was traveling to Smyrna, Georgia, where the Med Spa was located. Roswell was an entire hour from there. I lived an hour away from there. It just was not convenient. Second, it was super expensive. I was in My Salon Suites. At the time, the rooms for a single 150-square-foot office were $280 a week. That is $1200 a month, folks. My rent was $1200 at my two-bedroom apartment just outside of Atlanta. It was steep. To supplement my income, I provided mobile appointments for my clients in Cobb County who did not want to make the trip to Roswell. I was driving all over Metro Atlanta and beyond and was not adequately compensated due to my fear of losing customers. That is a whole other story. I was so excited to be in my own space that I just told myself I would be okay. It was rough.

In February 2020, I got extremely sick. I had a fever of 102 and developed a cough that seemed never to end. A couple of weeks later Covid –19 was announced officially by the media. My appointments were all canceled, and I had no way to continue making payments for my office. I was able to break my lease early, but I was devastated. The second space I moved from six months later because the building was not up to code, according to Cobb County. After a year of mobile appointments, I am currently in my third office space. So far, the third time is a charm.

I learned that it could be beneficial to wait before signing any leases. I knew in my heart that I was not ready financially and dealt with a lot of self-disappointment because of it. I also learned to charge what I deserve. I was operating my mobile appointments as if I were doing my clients a favor, meanwhile putting all the stress of travel, set up, execution of service, and breakdown on myself. I was exhausted and drained mentally, physically, and spiritually. My car mileage was crazy! I applaud anyone that can provide mobile services and keep going, and I just realized it was not for me.

Can you share a story about the biggest mistake you made when you were first starting? Can you tell us what lesson you learned from that?

One of the biggest mistakes I made at first was not having a solid plan. I only focused on providing services. The structure was not there. Although I am improving, I still have a long way to go. Lack of planning also led to me leasing not one but two suites which ended in me having to leave prematurely. The first time was on me; the second time, it was out of my hands. Come to find out, the company that leased me the room had not filed the proper paperwork with Cobb County. I was paying for permits and inspections that I was not responsible for. I failed the inspection after contacting the building manager repeatedly, asking that they needed to reach the county. As a result, I lost a lot of money. The office itself was great. I was the only person in the building, I had a bigger room, and it was half the cost of my 150-square-foot office in Roswell. I hated to leave, but the office manager did not cooperate until the very last minute.

Let’s jump to our main focus. When it comes to health and wellness, how is the work you are doing helping to make a bigger impact in the world?

I want to provide services that allow one to have complete and total awareness of self. I have created peace within my office; it is clean, scents of eucalyptus and lavender fill the air, and it is ascetically pleasing. I have invited the Goddess into my space, and she adorns the walls in her many forms. It is a very healing space. My clients can leave in sandals after not showing their feet in twenty years! I have had clients have an emotional release where they may cry during energy work or Thai Massage. A lot of stagnant energy is released, and clients can relax, feel good and take that feeling with them when they leave me. When they return to the world and encounter others, I hope their energy is contagious!

If you could start a movement that would bring the most amount of wellness to the most amount of people, what would that be?

This question is ironic because I am currently building with a tribe of like-minded practitioners and bodyworkers. One of my goals is to have a wellness house and travel to different states and countries spreading healing vibes to anyone who wants to be a part of a collective that emphasizes wellness, the importance of self-care, and how plant medicine can support them in their journey. The wellness house would be in the primary location offering various services, and wellness events and retreats would be held overseas. Plant medicine can range from building a community garden to using herbs in vaginal steaming and teas to hosting Ayahuasca ceremonies. Plants support us in our nutrition as well. This movement is not solely my own; many have already begun to do this worldwide or are figuring out how to execute their vision. Collectively, we need healing and love and safe spaces that support us.

Can you share your top five “lifestyle tweaks” that you believe will help support people’s journey towards better wellbeing? Please give an example or story for each.

The top 5 lifestyle tweaks that I recommend based on my journey and routine are as follows:

Good Sleep- This is so important! I have gone to bed many nights after 2 a.m. and blamed it on insomnia. I feel like people underestimate just how necessary good sleep is. I have begun going to bed between 9:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. I wake up at 5:00 a.m. to start my day off right. As a result of this change, I have more energy and time in my day for necessary tasks.

Movement- I was that girl who planned to work out, go hard for two weeks and then stop for months. I would miss an alarm or a workout and not continue with my plan to be active. For me, it was that I did not enjoy the exercises I was doing. I know most people do not hear me; I want to wake from a warm, comfortable bed in the morning. What has worked for me is to do yoga for 15 to 20 minutes daily and then go into meditation. I get just enough movement in, and I can meditate much easier. After meditation, I walk a trail with my mother and daughter during the week. I began to focus on what I loved about the new routine, how I felt, and how much easier it was for me to sleep better than if I was not active. It has an impact on how easy and how fast I have been falling asleep.

Meditation- Meditation helps to ground me and keeps me level during times of uncertainty. I do not have road anxiety anymore, I am more precise, and I can connect to my intuition in more authentic ways. I also notice that I am not as irritable when I focus on my breath during meditation. After yoga in the morning, I go right into meditation. I pull up YouTube, pick out an instrumental or guided meditation, and allow myself to be still for 10 to 20 minutes. I listen to binaural beats, Tibetan singing bowls, nature sounds, and Native American flutes. This act allows me time to ground and set my intentions for the day before everything gets busy.

Nutrition- I understand that what I take into my body can adversely affect my hormones, so I do my best to get more fruits and vegetables into my diet. Collectively, we can all use some more electric foods in our diets. I limit processed foods, dairy products, and meat. During the Pandemic, I was able to slow down, start a garden, and try plant-based recipes that my family could endorse. I notice a difference when I commit to a more plant-based lifestyle. When we support our body with whole foods, we are choosing life. I understand that everyone is different and that some factors may inhibit specific lifestyle changes; however, if you can include more fruits and veggies, please do.

Journaling- Taking time at the end of the day to reflect on how things went, positive or negative, can help us become more precise about where we are and where we desire to go. Journaling is also great for releasing energy that is ready to be released. For me, I was able to redirect myself. I realized it is okay if I change my mind about a goal or a direction I thought I wanted to go in. People change, which is part of growth and just being on this human journey. Journaling allows me to express my feelings on various interactions I may have had during the day. I can review my behavior and where I may need to adjust, and I can reflect on different relationships and whether they are still mutually beneficial or have run their course. This can include business, familial, and personal relationships.

Sustainability, veganism, mental health, and environmental changes are big topics at the moment. Which one of these causes is dearest to you, and why?

Right now, mental health is most important to me. I have dealt with my own PTSD, anxiety, and depression after traumatic experiences as a civilian and while in the military. I have noticed a shift in the collective following the lockdown and isolation of the Pandemic. Many have decided to take their lives into their own hands and to live their lives differently. People are relearning what it means to live their lives in a more fulfilling way. People consider their jobs not just a place to go for a check but also aligned with their morals. Are they able to effectively take care of themselves outside of financial obligations? When everything shut down, people, including myself, were forced to sit still, look at their lives, and have an honest heart-to-heart with themselves. There are so many stressors outside of us that it is imperative to create peace within. This can start with the lifestyle tweaks highlighted in this article; take what works and leave out what does not but try it for 30 days before writing those tips off. You may even need additional support from a professional counselor or psychologist. Others may use plant medicine to support them. The new thing on the horizon is the decriminalization of psilocybin and entheogens, otherwise known as mushrooms and other sacred plant medicines. These medicines have been used for centuries, and now they are being examined in trials with medical professionals. I am excited to see where this movement goes. I have begun to understand how everything is connected. My routine has had an incredibly positive impact on my mental health. Sleeping better, eating better, getting out in nature, walking, doing yoga, meditation, and journaling have all supported me and my overall well-being. Sometimes how we feel mentally, maybe a direct reflection of our lack of routine and self-care.

What is the best way for our readers to further follow your work online?

The best way to follow me is on Instagram @palmnsole_maf and TikTok @palmnsole_kash. Also, if you are in Atlanta, you can book an appointment with me by visiting

Thank you for these fantastic insights! We wish you continued success and good health.



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