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Women In Wellness: Samanta Moise of La Parea Wellness on the Five Lifestyle Tweaks That Will Help Support People’s Journey Towards Better Wellbeing

Make Self-care routines a part of your daily routine. Taking care of yourself goes beyond eating and sleeping. Make sure you do something for you that creates a mindful moment and be present. Ask yourself: did I do something today that made me happy, mindful or calm?

  1. Add your self-care practice in your calendar. Women have been taught to put themselves and their needs last. I used to think that taking time for myself should only happen at the end of a long day, or when I was done with my “to do list”. Putting yourself last, quickly leads to sacrificing your needs. Even if it’s meditating or taking a bath. Add it to your calendar.
  2. Set Boundaries. Don’t pour from an empty cup. If you are overwhelmed and exhausted, your productivity, effectiveness, and happiness drop. Learn to say no to protect your energy.
  3. If you can’t sleep because you have too many thoughts in your head, write them down. I personally get random thoughts while I am trying to sleep. If there is anything important I write them down for the next day.
  4. Go with the flow when it comes to self-care. If you schedule a morning hike, and feel like journaling in your pajamas instead, go for it. There are no set rules for your care.
  1. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion. People will tell you to do things a certain way. While suggestions based on someone else’s prior experience can be applicable across multiple businesses, don’t be afraid to say something or push back if it doesn’t feel like your vision. At the end of the day, you are the essence of your brand.
  2. Freelancers are your best friends. Early on, I thought I had to do everything myself to learn my business inside out. With time, I realized there are a wealth of independent professionals out there that have complementary experience and education that can complete your business and are willing to teach you a few tricks.
  3. Join entrepreneurs groups or find communities that resonate with your mission. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely sometimes and having a supportive community that can relate to your challenges is a great benefit. I meet some of my best friends and resources through We Are Women Owned.
  4. Enjoy the ride. Entrepreneurs will always be setting new goals for themselves and their companies. But how often do you stop and enjoy the little, daily successes. There are plenty of little wins and milestones that I have overlooked or taken for granted. Work hard but also enjoy it!.



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Candice Georgiadis

Candice Georgiadis is an active mother of three as well as a designer, founder, social media expert, and philanthropist.