Women In Wellness: Tami Bronstein Of The Medical Herbalist Apothecary On The Five Lifestyle Tweaks That Will Help Support People’s Journey Towards Better Wellbeing

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17 min readJul 26, 2021

Clearly, we cannot survive and live this life of Wellness without protecting the Environment. An uninhabitable planet surmounts all causes if we cannot survive. Clean air. Clean water. Clean soil. These are critical essentials.

As a part of our series about the women in wellness, I had the pleasure of interviewing Medical Herbalist-Physiologist, Tami Bronstein.

Tami Bronstein, BSc Phyt (Hons), MNIMH, RH(AHG) is a University-qualified Medical Herbalist-Physiologist, nearing 30 years in-practice. She graduated University of Wales/College of Phytotherapy (Cardiff/London, U.K.), and Hofstra University, Exercise Physiology with Psychology (New York). Through Post-Graduate Fellowship alongside Medical Doctors (France), Tami Specializes in the study of NeuroEndocrinology, providing support through Plant Medicine and Dietary Remediation.

Thank you so much for joining us in this interview series! Our readers would love to “get to know you” better. Can you share your “backstory” with us?

It is my decided pleasure to be invited to share! My story is one of consistent evolution, and as with most journeys that precede mainstream acceptance, it has spanned more than three decades! With this in-mind, I’ll aim to condense the details and begin with what drew me in to the world of Health and Wellness from the first round of University study.

The 1980s precedes internet access to information, so there was little in printed books to direct me. I initiated my first Bachelor of Science quest in an unrelated field of study. College is quite loaded with responsibility compared to the High School experience, and the broad realm of Liberal Arts/Broadcast Communications felt unfocused, with prospects after college that did not resonate (for me). I needed to have a focal point of what I was working intensely to achieve at such a cost, so I instead envisioned what I would like my daily life experience to FEEL like. This led me to…

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