Young Change Makers: How Himanshu Bisht Is Helping To Make A Difference In Our World

An Interview With Sonia Molodecky

Sonia Molodecky
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I remember one person I coached for a while shared his words with tears in his eyes. I could see the light shining in his eyes when he shared his feelings with me. He told how he was struggling to find a clear vision for his life and was feeling lost again and again. Only after spending time with me he could come out of his seven years of trap in his own mind. Moments like these make all the difference.

As part of our series about young people who are making an important social impact, I had the pleasure of interviewing Himanshu Bisht.

Himanshu is an entrepreneur, coach and consultant who is helping blockchain startups to build impactful brand presence and strong communities. He is the part of Forbes Leadership Council and has been published on leading publications.

Along the way, he helps solo-entrepreneurs to start their online business without selling their soul. Himanshu is India’s one of the few International certified trainers by Success Resources, which is one of the largest event management companies in the world.

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Before we dig in, our readers would like to get to know you a bit. Can you tell us about how you grew up?

Truly appreciate this opportunity.

So I spent most of my childhood in multiple remote parts in the Himalayas. Because of financial problems in the family, I had to leave my home and stay with my teacher for one year. Later I qualified for a residential program for poor kids, and I completed my schooling from there. I did my engineering in computer science from the National Institute of Technology. Life took an interesting turn after the graduation but my childhood did not differ from any lower-middle class kid in India.

Is there a particular book or organization that made a significant impact on you? Can you share a story or explain why it resonated with you so much?

Books have a deep impact on my life. One of those books was Four Agreements. It came to me when I felt like everything was tearing apart. A Google search engine update hit my blog that was kinda like my bread-and-butter; and I still had some education loan left to pay back. This is where I learned, perhaps, one of the most important lessons: “Always do your best”. It further defines “best”.

“Your best might not be the same every day. On some days I will be less, some days you will perform extraordinarily.” Just give 100% and leave the rest. It was truly encouraging and gave me a whole another way to come out of my mediocrity and keep looking for new things to reach your goals.

You are currently leading an organization that is helping to make a positive social impact. Can you tell us a little about what you and your organization are trying to create in our world today?

Other than consulting startups, I coach a group of people to help them create automated sales systems. During Covid-19 crisis, we worked with brick-and-mortar business owners to bring their business online through Live sessions and training. It is kinda like creating a ripple effect. When you are working with leaders who are helping people get better jobs, improve their health, education… you are a part of a big change. I am humbled to have a privilege to do so.

Can you tell us the backstory about what originally inspired you to feel passionate about this cause and to do something about it?

So as I was sharing earlier, I grew up in a remote village in the Himalayas. Due to financial problems in the family, I had to leave my home and live with my teacher for one year. I qualified for a school dedicated to encourage poor kids and I completed my school. All was going well as I was completing my engineering and preparing for a decent corporate job until I came across a self-help book. For the first time, I looked at the possibility of doing something beyond an IT job. I went to my friend, and I asked for his opinion. He said something that became a turning point for me. When I look back today, I see one line made all the difference in my life. He said, “decisions are not right or wrong. You take a decision and make their right or wrong”. He was quoting Ratan Tata, a visionary Indian entrepreneur. with an unclear vision to live a life where I can explore myself and help others along the way. I launched a blog and started learning SEO, Internet marketing and my journey of entrepreneurship started.

Can you share the most interesting story that happened to you since you began leading your company or organization?

Sometimes, there are situations when I work with organizations and I feel it’s all about humans at the end. Big businesses or individuals trying to figure out what to do… And we end up asking the same question: what do they want…

Can you tell us a story about a particular individual who was impacted or helped by your cause?

I remember one person I coached for a while shared his words with tears in his eyes. I could see the light shining in his eyes when he shared his feelings with me. He told how he was struggling to find a clear vision for his life and was feeling lost again and again. Only after spending time with me he could come out of his seven years of trap in his own mind. Moments like these make all the difference.

How do you define “Making A Difference”? Can you explain what you mean or give an example?

I work for growth hacking, community development, sales funnels and have learned the mechanics of marketing well enough. But I feel making a difference is all about a human journey. In fact, it has nothing to do with a job you do. People need leaders who care about them. Be it a start-up, coaching program or even a big corporation, it’s all about making small transformation through right actions.

Many young people would not know what steps to take to start to create the change they want to see. But you did. What are some steps you took to get your project started? Can you share the top 5 things you need to know to become a changemaker? Please tell us a story or example for each.

So I feel it all starts with an awareness. We can’t make a change when we are not aware of a different reality. When I was in college I dreamed of a decent job because this is all I saw people do around me. Only when I found a book, I saw something different.

I am reading a book nowadays, “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” by Joseph Campbell. He calls it “the call for an adventure”. So the next step is to listen to what your heart says. Listen to what is in front of you and act on it. You can fail, but not before the fun. And you can always start from the scratch plus experience.

I often hit the gym with my friend. One day he said, “muscle grows when we add more resistance”. The same applies to life. Being in uncomfortable situations is a gift. It helps us grow and become a person who is capable of bringing the change.

Another pillar is empathy. Why change? For whom? If we can’t understand what the other person is going through, we will not do the right thing. I learned it hard-way. My lonely childhood away from my parents made me a person without empathy. But in marketing, I got this gift naturally. You can’t be a good marketer if you are not willing to understand other people’s problems.

One last thing I would add is the feeling of constant change. We are all a part of a big flow of the universe. And the universe is expanding every moment. The only thing constant here is the change itself. So, more than helping others, the leadership and becoming a changemaker is about you. It’s your journey to find your original version.

What are the values that drive your work?

I have written 6 principles in my personal notebook. One of them is “Be honest. Even if it hurts, it helps”. Another code of honor, as I learned from my mentor, is: “Sell with integrity and empathy”. I believe marketing is important, but it doesn’t have to be manipulative. You can do the right thing if your core principles are strong.

Many people struggle to find what their purpose is and how to stay true to what they believe in. What are some tools or daily practices that have helped you to stay grounded and centred in who you are, your purpose, and focused on achieving your vision?

Meditation and continuous travel is my way of not losing myself. Whenever I feel lost, I travel and meditate. Sometimes, the places I have never visited helped me learn more about myself.

In my work, I aim to challenge us all right now, to take back our human story and co-create a vision for a world that works for all. I believe youth should have agency over their own future. Can you please share your vision for a world you want to see? I’d love to have you describe what it looks like and feels like. As you know, the more we can imagine it, the better we can manifest it!

Talking of young people, I wish to see a world where people don’t feel afraid to be who they are, but at the same time, they put others before their personal gains. I see a dream of a generation that is thriving as human in their complete nature. When people wake up in the morning and get excited to do the work, they are doing. They understand their co-workers and don’t feel lost and left-alone while walking back from their work. When people don’t need Pornography, Bars and Alcohol to find an escape from the reality and sit together and help each other become a better human being and feeling complete in their own shells. This is how I see it.

We are powerful co-creators and our minds and intentions create our reality. If you had limitless resources at your disposal, what specific steps would take to bring your vision to fruition?

I have a mission to help and assist people to live a life of freedom and abundance through digital entrepreneurship. However, I feel the biggest challenge for most people is not the tools and techniques. It’s the mindset. With all the limitless resources, as you said, I would have been spending more time to create content for the young generation to learn the art of delayed gratification and digital entrepreneurship. Later I would have been selecting people willing to learn more with me and bring a positive change in the society as it’s certainly not one’s job. We kinda need an army. Haha.

I see a world driven by the power of love, not fear. Where human beings treat each other with humanity. Where compassion, kindness and generosity of spirit are characteristics we teach in schools and strive to embody in all we do. What changes would you like to see in the educational system? Can you explain or give an example?

It’s a truly wonderful thought. Love is the answer, whether in relationship or in organizations. When we put people ahead of numbers and results, we look beyond materialistic achievements. In schools, I think it’s all about social interactions. We need kids who are “willing” to spend time with others instead of watching TV and playing video games on mobiles. Screens can kill childhood and I, indeed feel concerned about it.

If you could tell other young people one thing about why they should consider making a positive impact on our environment or society, like you, what would you tell them?

We are the children of an “instant gratification” society. We have high expectations of leadership, but our lifestyle does not support the person we want to become. All I am learning nowadays is, to bring slow, delayed gratification which is essential for a fulfilling life along with all the career success we can have in the world.

Is there a person in the world with whom you would like to have a private breakfast or lunch, and why? He or she might just see this, especially if we tag them. :-)

I would love to spend time with Tony Robbins. I am a great admirer of his work and the transformation he has bought in people.

How can our readers further follow your work online?

You can visit my website and join my newsletters to stay updated. If you are looking for consultation, you can directly reach out at

This was very meaningful. Thank you so much. We wish you only continued success on your great work!

Thank you for this opportunity to share my thoughts and vision with others. I hope the readers will find it useful. I also learned a lot in the process.

About the interviewer: Sonia is a Canadian-Ukrainian lawyer, entrepreneur and heart-centered warrior who’s spent more than 15 years working in human rights, international law, business, economic development, community empowerment and her own personal journey into herself. Sonia has spent the past 7 years living and working with indigenous nations around the world, as a facilitator, partner, shaman apprentice and friend, gaining a deep understanding of both ancient systems and modern ways, and our interconnection with all life. She is a certified kundalini yoga practitioner, energy healing facilitator, avid adventurer and explorer of the natural world. Sonia speaks world-wide on topics related to meaningful collaboration, life economies, the power of partnerships and the benefits of informed, empowered and engaged communities. “It is time for us to take back our human story and co-create a new vision for a world that is in harmony with ourselves, each other, the Earth and all beings,” says Molodecky. Her book, A New Human Story: A Co-Creator’s Guide to Living our True Potential. launches December 2020. You can learn more about Sonia, her book and her podcast at and follow her at or



Sonia Molodecky
Authority Magazine

Author of A New Human Story, Co-founder of the Global Indigenous Development Trust