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Young Social Impact Heroes: Why & How Sebastian Flores of OctoGifts Is Helping To Change Our World

Every good idea deserves a place in the world. No matter what, someone somewhere will love and believe in your cause if it’s good. The best way to find those people is through networking. I can’t tell you how valuable networking and just knowing the right people has been for me. No matter what, if you have the willpower and the right connections, you can succeed.

  1. Send thoughtful, handwritten messages. Nowadays, a greeting is simply a text message or a post. In this time of disconnectedness, it is much more meaningful to take the time to handwrite a message to someone you care about, or call them.
  2. Set limits and take the time to be with people you care about. OctoGifts DIY kits are designed to bring people together over a shared project. One of the best ways to bond with someone is just to spend time with them, doing things both of you love. OctoGifts can be that something, but it’s not the only way to bond with your loved ones.
  1. Reinvesting profits is always worth it. When I first started, I was cutting pieces by hand. It took about 30 minutes to cut out all the parts I needed for one machine. Once I had saved up enough money, I invested it in a cutting machine that took the time to cut parts down to about 5 minutes. Recently, we’ve invested in a die cutter and dies that can cut pieces even more quickly.
  2. Selling online is always better than selling in-person. Not only can you reach more people more quickly, it’s less of a hassle to make transactions. At one of the arts festivals I went to when I was just starting out, I sold about $250 dollars’ worth of product in 8 hours of work. In contrast, when selling online, $250 could be passive sales from one weekend, and they can happen in my sleep.
  3. If you start a business with people you live with, set boundaries for work hours. Otherwise, any time is work time. My mom and I could be in the car on the way home from swim practice at 9:30 PM and she’ll bring up an idea or a question. The only way to have a break from work is to create one yourself.
  4. Find a separate space to work in. This could just be a room in your house, but it makes it a lot easier to compartmentalize and focus on what you need to. We have a room with all of our supplies and everything we need to fill orders, so when I sit down to make kits, I know I won’t be distracted by the TV. It also makes it easier to stop thinking about work when you aren’t in the designated room.



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Penny Bauder

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