Yuliya Pollack of Pollack & Pollack Law: I Am Living Proof Of The American Dream

An Interview With Jake Frankel

Authority Magazine Editorial Staff
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Is the American Dream still alive? If you speak to many of the immigrants we spoke to, who came to this country with nothing but grit, resilience, and a dream, they will tell you that it certainly is still alive.

As a part of our series about immigrant success stories, I had the pleasure of interviewing Yuliya Pollack.

Yuliya Pollack is a successful attorney and co-founder of a law firm, but her journey to the top was not an easy one. As an immigrant from Ukraine and young mother with limited resources and no English, Yuliya had to work multiple jobs to make ends meet, including cleaning stadiums at night and working as a restaurant bus girl during the day. However, her dream of becoming a criminal lawyer never faded. She pursued her education with unwavering resolve, even taking time off during her undergraduate and law school degrees to start a family. Despite facing