Zohar Gilad of InstantSearch+: How To Create A Fantastic Retail Experience That Keeps Bringing Customers Back For More

An Interview With Orlando Zayas

Great customer experience is what differentiates a brand. One happy customer can be the best word of mouth, while an unhappy customer can cause significant damage. Brands need to assume that their customers are thinking “what have you done for me lately?”

Amazon is a great example of customer service, while they are overwhelming in size, they still have a very well thought out customer service experience. With a few clicks, the customer can easily find an answer, talk to someone live, or get a refund. Shoppers are now preconditioned to this level of customer service, this is the standard.

  • Adjust the home page to the shopper’s personality.
  • Show category-specific coupons.
  • Eliminate distractions during the shopping experience.
  • Consider the store’s preference and what they want to sell.
  1. Seamlessly Integrated On-Site Search — Steve Madden is a leading eCommerce company in the fashion industry, operating several owned brands powered by InstantSearch+ (Steve Madden, Betsey Johnson, Superga and Dolce Vita). Like most retailers with an online presence, Steve Madden is always on the lookout for a better online shopping experience, allowing shoppers to find what they want quickly and get to checkout faster. When it comes to the autocomplete dropdown menu, Steve Madden chose a horizontal design on desktop, allowing them to showcase their product images at first glance, while keeping a vertical design on mobile. Since bringing on InstantSearch+ their conversion rate from search has doubled compared to non-search shopping sessions, across all the brand stores.
  2. Personalized Predictive Search — Targus wanted a lightning fast predictive site search, and chose InstantSearch+ to engage shoppers from the very first character typed. This essentially allowed consumers to start narrowing down the results in the drop-down itself, even before arriving at the actual search results collection page. The ability to search by meta fields was also important, as it is an advanced capability that generates better results and improves engagement. Since the shift to InstantSearch+, their conversion rate from search has increased by 84%.
  3. Harness the search data — Zachys had so much data about the shoppers searching and browsing preference, they needed an efficient way to analyze it. The move to InstantSearch+ analytics reports quadrupled the search conversion rate to 10.74%. Now, 78% of the store revenue comes from shoppers who searched or navigated the site.
  4. Relevant Product Recommendations — Product recommendations and our refined smart collections pages enabled RCPlanet to create a fully complete website catered right to the customer. As a result, about 30% of the site’s revenue comes from using the Product Recommendation feature. When shoppers see products related to what they have searched for or added to their cart, they are 3x more likely to buy additional items.

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