How To Make Money Writing Online: A Simple Strategy to Write and Sell Books Using Medium, Substack, LinkedIn, and a Newsletter

Neera Mahajan
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4 min readJun 18, 2024


It took me 3 years to figure this out.

I have been writing online for five years now.

In 2019, I wrote on my website.

In 2020, I started writing on Medium.

In 2021, I started writing on Substack.

In 2022, I started writing on LinkedIn.

In 2023, I dropped Medium and wrote only Substack and LinkedIn.

I dropped Medium because I couldn’t manage writing on so many platforms.

During this time, mainly in the past 3 years, I published 6 books and wrote three more (soon to be published).

All this time I have been wanting to get back to Medium but couldn’t because I simply couldn’t fit it in.

But I was desperately looking for a strategy to include Medium into my ecosystem.

I finally found one.

It’s inspired by Jamie Northrup - Minimalist Hustler’s Medium-Newsletter-Book framework.

My Strategy

The strategy is simple — it has 6elements

  1. A book idea



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