My Most Viewed Articles About Writing — A Resource For New Writers

Neera Mahajan
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2 min readAug 5, 2022


In the past three years, I have published over three hundred articles. Since I don’t submit them to big publications, many of them don’t reach many readers.

Yet I have some articles that have gone viral; others, people told me, have helped them a lot. Rather than leaving them buried in my profile, I have listed some of them here to help the new (and seasoned) writers.

Hope you find them useful.

Four Cs To Of Good Writing

How I am Using LinkedIn To Establish Myself As A Writer

How To Write A Good LinkedIn Post

How To Write A Good Short Form Article

How To Write An Article In An Hour

Have You Got Stuck Recently Thinking About What You Should Write

4 Types Of Articles That Work Well On Medium

Stop Writing Like An Author

5 Secrets to Write More In Less Time

Use Lego Block Technique To Help You Write Faster

3 Ways Of Idea Generation That Can Make You Invincible

Write A Book A Month To Earn 100K

Seven Tips To Write With Style



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