Last sabbatical, visited Hawk’s Nest in NY above the Delaware River


A Long Goodbye

For now, at least


Ever since I started writing full-time in 2021, I have taken a summer sabbatical for a month. This was my mechanism to prevent burn-out. At first, it was only a couple of weeks. My wife and I would go on a trip, or I would finally make some progress on that ever expanding ‘honey do’ list she always had available.

This was not intentionally a ‘sabbatical’ the way I think of it today. Only a vacation where circumstances prevented much writing time.

For the last two years, these sabbaticals have been planned, a matter of necessity for my mental health. This was especially true in 2022, after I finished my His Cuckold Life series. I’m not sure if it was the subject, or the hard turn the character’s relationship took in the middle of the series, or the long stretches in front of the screen, but I began wondering whether I should do this at all.

Luckily, taking that time off was just what I needed. I came back more energized and interested in writing than ever before.

Last year’s sabbatical included one of the long road trips I love and a visit with old friends in New Jersey (where we lived for 20 years). It helped.

But now, things feel different. More permanent. I took a…



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