Annelise Lords

Annelise Lords
Jan 30 · 6 min read
Kingston Harbor Jamaica January 26, 2020

Who are you?

My name is Annelise Lords and I am a Jamaican. I love to write, think, walk and cook. I also love working with children. I am the author of six unpublished works of fiction and two books of inspirational quotes available on Amazon. They are Beautiful Quotes & Antidotes Vol. 1 & 2.

Why Write on Medium?

It’s the pppeeerrrfffeeecccttt place to write on because of diversity. Medium has writers everywhere in the world and that’s an asset to all parties involved. All medium writers and readers are learning about different cultures, religions, foods, music, ideas, politics, education, technology, relationships, etc., the topics on this platform are endless. The different perspectives on the same topics, ideas, thoughts, etc, is amazing.

Medium is like college for everything and everyone. I chose Medium because I plan on never stop learning, and on this platform, writers and readers are learning something new and different every day.

Special thanks to Medium for helping to give writers a voice and a chance to change lives, to educate, entertain, uplifts, motivate and so much more. To also give photographers the opportunity to showcase their art. Special thanks to the creator of A Few Words S. Stefan Karabacak and Editor Agnes Louis for accepting my ‘few words.’

What are your writing interests?

I have a creative mind and my imagination keeps growing every day, so I write Fiction because I have lots of stories to tell. I am a deep thinker, and I study and psychoanalyze the lives of everyone I meet, know, and read about.

Through their choices, actions, and decisions, I am able to write inspirational quotes and short stories that educate, uplift, encourages and teach vital lessons.

I add images to my stories and quotes to entertain and demonstrate the meanings and ideas. But my interest is limitless.

Give me a topic and I will write a story that will touch your heart.

Photo taken by Annelise Lords

What do you hope to accomplish by writing?

I am sitting on my own slush pile of 6 completed but unpublished works of fiction. I would like to be an established author one day. I love to write, I have lots of ideas and time. There are stories and lessons in everything, and everywhere. I view writers as entertainers and educators. ‘Never stop learning,’ that’s one of my mottos.

I write because I think I can make a difference and add something inspiring and beautiful to our world. As the song says, “If I could help somebody as I travel along, then my living shall not be in vain.” I don’t want to live in vain. I want to give my life a meaning and a purpose.

Photo by Annelise Lords

Can you share a highlight of your life?

I had ingenious and innovative ways of helping my sons to learn, and I wanted to share it with other children. So I volunteered as a Teacher’s Aide. I did it for five years and I chose the slowest class.

My country’s educational system doesn’t accommodate various ways or methods of learning. Not all children learn the same way. During my five years as a Teacher’s Aide, I learned how the lack of interest and involvement in your child’s education will contribute to their failure.

I learned from an 11-year old, that when you practice doing your best, it will spill over into your life and lessens your chances of failure. I learn from a child how to make failure be afraid of me. I helped to remove hopelessness that was planted in the hearts and minds of innocent children. I met children with impatient lives and some must make adult decisions at 11 and 12 years old.

I know children who raised themselves and their siblings too. I witnessed poverty at it’s highest level. I help children to dream, give them hope and love, among other things. And they give it right back to me, the love I mean.

I learned a lot about me too. I thank God for giving me the ability to help those children. I learn to appreciate the good in my children and I thank God for them and the way they are. This is one of my most precious highlights.

Share a few of your article links with us?

These are my article links. All of my stories are meant to educate, uplift, encourage and entertain. These are the latest.

Do you write anywhere else?

I post inspirational short stories and quotes every day on Linkedln, and I am working on my website. I also post on Facebook and Twitter, and I am a member of The Writing Community on Twitter. Many of my stories can be found on A Few Words and other areas on Medium.

Any big plans for 2020?

Beautiful Quotes & Antidotes Vol. 3 to be available on Amazon in June. I also hope to find an affordable editor for The Yellow Hibiscus.

Can you recommend other authors in your niche?

I learn something from every story, poem or article I read on this platform. Below are just a few of the ones that have inspired me deeply.

Simran Kankas

I love her heart touching stories and her inspiring poems. Below are three of my favorites:

Pierre Trudel

I love his Haikus, they are fun, educational and entertaining. I learn about animals and how they live. He entertains, educates and uplifts with a smile.

The above is just a few of my favorite pieces of inspiration.

Thomas Plummer

You Are Not Interesting If You Haven’t Been Beaten by Life

I love this piece because life has beaten me badly, and by my will and my strength, I have survived. This piece motivates, encourages and uplifts.

How Do You Teach the Lessons of Life When You Are Gone?

This piece I love and I shared it with my family and everyone I know. You should read it too.

Good Writing Is the Writer Sharing the Darkness of Life

I love this piece because the information is helpful to authors.

Thank you for reading this. I hope you enjoyed it.

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