Future of Indie Content Creator is Super Bright!

Exciting platforms are emerging to reward indie content creators everywhere!

Kabir Mohammed
Feb 25 · 3 min read

I have been ignoring Medium since last week. No, I wasn’t unusually busy with personal or professional tasks. Instead, I was having a ton of fun with a new platform in its infancy stage. What I’ve learned in the last few days tells me, as an independent content creator, our lives will forever change in the next few years. The independent content creator’s era is here and it will replace and disrupt all centralized, institutionalized content creation and delivery soon.

I see so many posts here about how Medium is making money or not making money for independent authors who love their craft. Medium is an experiment itself and a very good one. YouTube is the leader of the independent content space. I know multiple content creators on YouTube that are generating niche content for a very niche audience and making a decent income.

But for the writer types like most of us, we know YouTube is not our thing. We prefer the keyboard as our primary content producing device and not a mirrorless full-frame camera that shoots 4K videos at 60 fps. We live our words and simplicity of Medium like environment. Do we really have any hope to become successful outside getting found by large publishers? Yes, we do!

For the last few days, I have been experimenting on a new Medium-like platform called the Voice. I joined the Beta user group on an invite-only basis.

The gamification of content on this new platform is amazing. It rewards every creator with in-game currency — the voice tokens — which allows you to promote your own content or someone else’s content.

The great thing about promoting someone else’s content is that you can bid for the top advertisement spot where you can promote your own profile or content. Imagine if Medium allowed us to promote our articles on the same page as the other very successful articles in a complementary or even competing in the same category.

The user-generated content has been fueling the internet for years, and it is only in recent years that users who are generating content are getting some respect and love from the platforms. YouTube is probably the most successful platform with UGC, and it has figured out how to attract the entire world of content creators who can point and shoot videos.

The future of independent authors, especially non-fiction writers, is super bright. The reason I am not convinced about fiction online is that fiction is usually very long-form, and very long-form content on digital screens rarely do well. But don’t quote me on this. I admit I know very little about the fiction space.

Non-fiction writers in all categories can produce from small to a few thousand-word length contents reasonably fast to couple with trends, news, and discovery, which is a very consumable content for most people seeking knowledge, understanding, and sometimes comfort. I am very excited about these areas of writing opportunities for tens of thousands to millions of authors all around the world.

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