Interview with Casimiro Designer

Angolan entrepreneur and freelancer

Casimiro Designer
Mar 6 · 5 min read

Who are you?

I am Casimiro Filipe; I am a young Angolan entrepreneur and freelancer, dedicated to teaching young people in my country to learn how to undertake business ventures. I love writing about freelancing, entrepreneurship, and technology.

I founded Casimiro Designer and Creating on Demand to help young people and the general public to deal with the new technology-driven world in which we can earn money by dispensing our skills.

I love to teach and make people know what is new in the market; seeking innovation is my greatest passion as a young entrepreneur.

Casimiro Filipe

Why write on Medium?

I write on Medium because it is the biggest and best platform for writers. The platform is about to turn eight years old, and it is still proliferating. Medium is genuinely an incredible platform.

I spent years looking for a platform where I could freely write what I love and where my writing could be valued and not as more content on the web, and as soon as I met Medium, I fell in love with its hybrid form.

What are your interests in writing?

I love to write. So much so that since I started writing on Medium, I spend a lot of time thinking about what the next post will be, I just love writing about things I do and make videos on YouTube.

I love writing on Medium, and I don’t intend to stop.

What do you hope to achieve by writing?

Well, just like any other content creator, I am passionate about informing and being recognized in the world. I intend to reach the broadest audience, and what I want even more is to share my knowledge with others. It will be a great honor to see people around the world contact me in the same way I do with others in my country.

What motivates me the most is that even though I have a small audience on the platform, I can engage readers who love my stories.

Can you share a highlight of your life?

One of the greatest highlights of my life is the influence that I got through my YouTube channel. I had a very quick rise on YouTube with Portuguese viewers in my country — the official language of my country. However, it is challenging to share some things in Portuguese.

But one of the highest satisfaction in my life as a Freelancer happened when a top bank director contacted me and asked me to make a video about their company. It was a great opportunity in my life so far.

Share some of your Medium articles with us?

It is difficult to define one’s own favorite posts, but below are some of the most relevant stories I wrote recently on Medium.

I chose these three stories because they were the stories that I can identify with immediately.

Do you write elsewhere?

Yes, I write on some other platforms, besides Medium. But I’m making Medium my primary platform because I found it the most responsive amongst all of them I tried so far.

To visit my stories elsewhere, you can go to HubPages and search for Casimiro Designer, or go to Publish0x and search for Casimiro Designer, or go to my site.


However, I am dedicating myself more to Medium to develop an audience that only speaks English because, on my site, the content is fine-tuned to my country.

Any big plans for 2020?

There are several plans for this year. First, I intend to reach a goal by closing contracts with companies in my country, but also building a large audience on the Medium is one of the great purposes for this year.

Can you recommend other Medium authors?

I’m doing eight months on Medium, and I still don’t know many writers. I can list those that I read the most; they are Kabir Mohammed, Stephie Neuman, Casey Botticello, and Zulie Rane. These are the ones that I read often.

First, Kabir Mohammed is incredible when reporting on a topic; I love it when someone talks softly and makes the reader like it more.

Stephie Neuman is perhaps the young woman who speaks my native language, who publishes in English just like me, and I can say that it was through her that I learned a little more about how to post something relevant here on Medium.

Casey Botticello, for me, is the best in educating various strategies on Medium subjects; he is a Washington phenomenon here on Medium.

Now Zulie Rane she is so good in articles about Medium, that I also follow her on YouTube. She is fantastic for talking about Medium; if there is a woman who dominates Medium like its the back of her palm, it's her! I highly recommend reading her posts here on Medium.

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