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Jody McAlister

Jody McAlister
Jan 9 · 6 min read

Humorist Extraordinaire and Obviously a Humble Writer

Who are you?

I only wear a mask when I’m writing. Yes, the one on the right is me. Truth, that actually is a Robin on the left.

I moved enough as a youngster for everybody’s first guess to be that I am from a military family. My father just kept getting different jobs in the Stock Brokerage business. Kinda like the military, I guess.

I was born in Old Hickory, Tennessee and grew up in Cleveland, Detroit and Dayton. My family moved to California when I was coming into my driving age, much to my neighbor’s dismay.

I attended Texas Tech, Sonoma State, and Chico State. Chico State finally made me graduate ten years ahead of my planned schedule, unfortunately. A friend had called Chico State “Never Never Land” and they were right. It was tough to grow up and move on.

I was a bartender during breaks while I changed schools. I’ve slung some pizzas and folded many burritos. I started a web hosting and dial-up ISP business in 1995 before closing that down in 2012. Now when I’m not forcing my family to clap for my Medium stories, I am programming both desktop and mobile applications.

I am 54, never been married and haven’t had any kids. The picture above is Robin, who I have been together with coming up on five years.

Why write on Medium?

I had just switched from programming in Swift to Dart/Flutter, and all the articles were links to Medium. There were so many quality articles to learn from that I signed up to read past my limits. Suddenly, I was surrounded by an opportunity to write for any topic I chose.

A club I belonged to at Chico State, let me write humor articles to fill up space on our newsletters. The feeling I got walking past people laughing out loud at what I had written was one of the greatest feelings in the world for me. I began writing birthday articles for my friends, and I read a couple of them out loud at the Madison Bear Garden, a bar with an outdoor area in the back. By the time I was done, about forty people were laughing, of which I knew only about fifteen of them. People were stopping by and staying for the whole story even though they had no idea who I was talking about.

Then I graduated, and that was no more.

So Medium has become a second chance to do something I really like and quite frankly, it makes me happy.

What are your writing interests?

I love to write Humor. I remember reading The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams and the “Myth Adventures” series by Robert Lynn Asprin. If I thought I could have supported myself writing long stories full of witty and amusing characters, I would have jumped at the opportunity.

I currently publish all my humor articles to my publication “Funny Pages”. I have two other publications called “Throwing Stones” for my opinion pieces and “Flutter Town” for my dart/flutter programming pieces.

I like the opposite end of the spectrum as well. I have an unfinished Fantasy novel and an unfinished Horror story called “Gravelings.” The prelude I wrote for “Gravelings” in college is published in my Medium area as a story.

What do you hope to accomplish by writing?

Foremost, I want people to escape in my humor stories. I want people to be glad they spent a few minutes deviated from normal daily life. If the read times are close to a couple of minutes, then I know they have read through the whole story, and that makes me happy. Claps are more apparent, and I certainly still get a kick out of seeing the notification icon being a green circle with a number inside.

I’ve found myself branching out with some more serious articles lately. These keep me on the straight and narrow and let me blow off some steam as well.

I’m looking forward to improving. Reading through some recent stories that are only a few weeks old, I already see several changes I would make.

Can you share a highlight in your life?

An event would be riding on top of the band bus during Carnival in Salvador, Brazil, for an entire night. At any given second, I could look over the edge and see a thousand screaming Brazilians dancing and having the time of their life. Ten minutes later, another look would be a different thousand Brazilians. I rode that bus with one of my brothers and my uncle from dusk until dawn.

Share a few of your article links with us?

Arghhhhhh, don’t make me choose. I like them all differently. They’re my children!

— My most liked story so far.

— My soft anti-trump humor story. Safe for Republicans too.

— Between stories, I will compile these. I chose this one because the first joke is new to me and I still laugh when I read it.

Do you write anywhere else?

I am currently not writing anywhere else at this time. Medium takes up much of my spare time, and I need to hone my craft before expanding.

I’m shaking off almost 30 years of rust, not writing for pleasure and hiccuping on the simple things. Plus, including Twitter into the overall plan is a new endeavor in itself.

Any big plans for 2020?

I’m currently in the so-called “Curation Jail,” and with the way I write, It’s not going to end soon and possibly never. There are a lot of excellent writers out there with some quality pieces in the same situation. These mysterious algorithms that exclude us are robbing both the reader and the writer.

I want to put together a way for people to have a second chance for their story to be “curated.” I plan on doing this by setting up a Medium within Medium. It’s 100% voluntary.

We have so many details to work out, but I think it’s entirely workable. Not to be a “me, me, me” guy and try to point the reader to my stories. But visit my profile 1 or 6 million times to see any updates for this idea.

I think it would be great to give everybody a chance for that curation feeling and possibly an opportunity for all that traffic.

Can you recommend other authors in your niche?

If I could find the guy that said my favorite quote, “I was daydreaming about my inability to fantasize the other day” and make him a writer, then I would list him. But since I was neither asked my favorite quote nor who I would make write on Medium. It shall have to be some wonderful writers that I have come across lately. These people have cracked me up while reading their stories. I can’t wait to discover more!

I would also like to shout out to Indira Reddy, who this will take entirely by surprise. I had submitted my very first stories to Literally Literary, and she came back with some changes and some positive feedback. She helped me take that first step and gain some confidence. Thanks, Indira!

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Jody McAlister

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Humorist, Story Teller, Entrepreneur and Happy Flutter Developer. All around nifty dude. https://mediumauthor.com/@jodymac1015 jodymcalister@mediumauthor.com

Authors & Peeps

Authors & Peeps is a publication dedicated to author interviews, discussions and how-to guides for helping authors getting found and building an audience. Please contact us via editor@mediumauthor.com.

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