Lessons For My Business

From People Who Came Before Me

My work is: interesting, diverse, complicated, simple, and fun. My work is exactly what I always hoped it would be.

I’m talking about The Better Business Book Volume 2, the second in a series of books with 100 authors each writing one chapter in the book.

It’s such an interesting and complicated challenge! To coordinate 100+ people with writing, deadlines, editing, formatting, marketing, social media, and everything that is involved in a book, but with so many extra people!

The first in the series was a big hit, getting almost 20,000 downloads on the launch day, and came in #1 on Amazon in 6 different categories. But could we do it again?

This book actually includes 9 “bonus chapters” for a total of 109 people offering their best business lessons and advice. These business-people are from all different industries, countries, and walks of life, and have failed and succeeded in so many new and interesting ways.

In my own business as an entrepreneur, I’ve had ups and downs, major successes and nightmare failures, and I hope to pass on that information to help others who come after me.

But in this book, I have a plethora of people to learn from, and getting to see them write their chapters and become part of this series has been incredibly interesting.

The book is broken up into four sections: In The Beginning, Skills, Lessons & Tactics, The Journey of Business, and Mind, Body & Spirit. Each of these four are broken into further sections, and there is a fifth section of bonus chapters.

The book took 3 people working almost constantly, plus the formatters, cover designers, and more. All that goes into an individual book, but times 10000 — or at least times 100!

Learning from all of these diverse authors, these people from Thailand, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, the US, and more, is awesome! I feel like I have learned so much more from them than I thought possible. I think the collaborative work contributes to that. It’s so much packed into one not-so-tiny book.

Their interest, intellect, dedication, and strong belief in this project is incredible to see. The final product is so many people who want you to learn from them. The message of sharing, perseverance, and working hard is beautiful.

100 people share their best business advice. I love that I got to see the process of how they came up with their chapter, the initial drafts, and how each one was able to find their voice in their writing.

This book takes viewpoints, opinions, stories, and businesses from across the world, and compiles it all into something I can learn from. Much like Chicken Soup for the Soul, I can read a couple and walk away, think on it, and come back later or another day and just pick up where I left off.

What an incredible journey my business has taken me on. And getting to see the successes and learn from the failures of so many who are so much further in their businesses than I am is such a learning opportunity! I am so lucky!