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Uninstalling Whatsapp, Facebook was the Best Thing Happened to Me

How to avoid distraction so you can focus on important things

Vinod Sharma
Oct 30, 2019 · 4 min read

November 2015, I uninstalled WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter from my phone. Endless craving to check updates on the phone was causing a distraction for the PMP exam preparation. Soon within few days, I was able to focus on studies and passed my PMP exam with an excellent score.

What Hard work Means for Intellectual Workers

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My parents, teachers, friends always refer to working hard, and I ever wondered what that even means. I am not joking. If you see to a construction worker, there is no ambiguity on what hard work means for them.

Similarly, we know what hard work means for athletics and bodybuilders. Studying, learning, memorizing require a calm mental state. It requires a different type of hard work to bringing yourself to this learning state of your mind.

Throughout my schooling, engineering college, MBA, and certification courses such as PMP, the most challenging thing have been to get to study and finish lessons. There are many other factors involved, but if you do not have a correct mental state, then nothing will work for you.

Reason for the Panic

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When I uninstalled WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter from my phone, I was desperate to find a way to study for a longer duration without any distraction. I attended the PMP certification class two years before. After the course, I was supposed to read, practice, and pass my PMP exam, but I did not, and time kept flying. I had everything I needed except the focus.

I kept looking at my phone for updates from WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter. I would read for a few minutes and then feel an intense urge to checking the phone. Every time I pick up my phone, I would lose 10 minutes to 30 minutes. There was no control. It is like my hand and eye were not listening to me. I kept picking my phone. I kept looking at the updates. These updates include post and forward by peoples who had nothing else to do

From Helpless to Being In-Charge

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I felt helpless and desperate to find a solution. Any solution. I made up my mind and started deleting apps from my phone. First was WhatsApp, followed by Facebook and Twitter. I told my family members to call or text me instead.

Now when I pick my phone to check updates, I would not see much. I was still picking my phone, but the distraction was shorter.

Things started to change, and my focus continues to increase for a longer duration. I was able to read books, study material, and practice using a test simulator.


I continue to study for the next few weeks and earned my PMP certificate with an excellent score.

I am sure there are other approaches to achieve the same result. Please do share what worked for you. By sharing our learning, we will be able to help other people who may be struggling with distraction problems.


This experience could be applied to a certification or work assignment or your writing project. A focused and dedicated effort is needed to complete your work. Sometimes hard work does not mean lifting heavy construction material or climbing a mountain. For creative people, hard work means to focus on and avoid all types of distractions. So that you can complete your task.

Later, I reinstalled WhatsApp and Facebook, but the urge to check every few minutes was gone. I have disabled all types of notifications from all applications except phone, text, etc. to avoiding distraction.

Did social media have made similar issues in your life? Have you tried to get rid of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter and see if you have reached the same benefits? Please do share your story with us.

Author Vinod

Agile, Scrum, Management, Leadership, Dreams, Passion…

Vinod Sharma

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Author Vinod

Agile, Scrum, Management, Leadership, Dreams, Passion, Goals

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