What Does it Take to Write? A Simple Guide on Writing Articles and Blog

Are you planning to start writing for your blog? This article will help you understand what it takes to write.

Vinod Sharma
Dec 18, 2019 · 4 min read
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There are hundreds of articles to help you kick start your writing career. So, I am not planning to write detailed step-by-step instructions on how to write. Instead, I will use a different approach and share essential areas for any writer. Wherever you are in your writing journey, you will have to take care of the following areas.


In the past, writers had only a few choices to make when it came to their tools. Options might have been notepads, typewriters, newspapers, and publishers. Technology has made tremendous enhancements to writing abilities. Technology has also provided many additional avenues to write. Unfortunately, too many options can destroy creativity and make you go into a rabbit hole of lengthy research and a circle of evaluation, instead of writing! The following are some of the technology choices you will have to make as a writer.

Blogging Systems such as Medium, WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Tumblr, Weebly, Ghost. There are so many alternatives, and only you can decide which one is good for you.

Writing Tools such as Evernote, OneNote, Scrivner, Google Drive, Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, IA Writer, Ulysses, ProWritingAid

The more time you spend on finding the best tools for you, the less time you will have for writing. I suggest that you don’t try to find the best tool available at the get-go, but instead pick one and start writing.

What do I use? I am using Medium as my blogging system. I also have self-hosted WordPress along with the Elegant Themes (Divi) theme — www.authorvinod.com. For writing, I am using Medium editor. I also have Scrivener, which I am using for writing my book.


Writing techniques include writing styles, writing voice, creative writing, grammar, passive vs. active voice, and so on. The more you write, the more you learn. You can also take a course to learn these faster.

What do I use? Storytelling is my style. I do not have formal knowledge of creative writing, and I am learning as I am writing.


This includes picking what to write, creating an outline, creating the first draft, and editing it. Organizing writing ideas and researches.

What do I use? My ideas come from my knowledge, experience, and day to day work. I write directly in the Medium draft editor, and I store my research inside the OneNote notebook.

Finishing Strong

Once the article is complete, tweak the heading and sub-heading. Add pictures and tags. These steps can make the piece easy to search. People tend to click on an article with catchy titles and images.

What do I use? When I am done writing an article, I typically search for similar articles and review what heading others have used. Once adjusted, I use online tools to fine-tune.

For the images, I am using Medium provided free pictures. In the past, I have used free images from pixabay.com, unsplash.com, stocksnap.io, pexels.com and paid photos from 123rf.com and dreamstime.com

Finding Your WHY

If you are an aspirational writer (meaning writing is not your primary profession, and you are writing for a hobby), then you will need to define WHY are you writing.

What do you want to become known for? What is that one thing or a few things you want people to know about you or your knowledge?

Some people write to express their feelings; some write to share their knowledge and experience. Expressing your opinions and feelings is a very personal thing. It requires courage.

The answer to the eternal question, “Why are you writing?” is fundamental. The actual mechanics of writing are not that difficult. You can learn the writing technique and writing process by spending more time reading and writing. You can find detailed articles that can guide you in the right direction. But understanding what inspires you to write propels you and can help you keep going when you feel like success and notoriety isn’t coming fast enough. The most important thing you could do for yourself is to identify your writing aspiration. Everything else will follow.

Why do I write? I write to share my knowledge, experience, and opinions. I am a storyteller, and writing makes me think. It helps me to organize & consolidate my thoughts. It is both simple, like a daily journal, and it is complex, like a calling. I feel an urge to share and inspire others to make an impact in their life. If my writing can help a single person, then I will feel satisfied.

Would you be open to sharing what inspires you to write? Why are you writing? Which writing tools do you use? What is your writing process? Please do share your thoughts with other readers and me.

Author Vinod

Agile, Scrum, Management, Leadership, Dreams, Passion…

Vinod Sharma

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Inspiring others with storytelling. I write on Product Delivery, Agile, Scrum, Management, Leadership, Dreams, Passion, Goals.

Author Vinod

Agile, Scrum, Management, Leadership, Dreams, Passion, Goals

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