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You are in the Top 1%, and Non-Writers Need You.

The following lines in #ship30for30 material made me think.

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“The vast majority of people do not create anything. They consume. This means the simple fact that you chose to PARTICIPATE means you’re already in the top 1%.”

Reference —

**I have seen this every day**

I have worked with highly talented people, and most don’t write online. A few of them wanted to publish their book but never started.

Beneficial information remains inside the brains of top executives, leaders, managers, engineers, lawyers, and builders. These people have done extraordinarily in their life, and by sharing, they could empower millions of others.

These facts encourage me to become a better storyteller and bring more career journey stories for you to read & watch.

#ship30for30 Nicolas Cole 🚢🏴‍☠️ Dickie Bush 🚢

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