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Autistic Advice

An Autistic Social Butterfly’s Guide to Making Friends

Interpersonal skills for a proudly disabled life.

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For most of my life, I was a very withdrawn and “antisocial”-seeming person. In adolescence I perfected a scowling, sarcastic persona to protect me from seeming too childish and sensitive. I withdrew from other people as a reflex, to hide the fact I didn’t know how to initiate social…




Autistic Advice is a semi-regular column where I respond to anonymous questions about neurodiversity, Autism acceptance, disability justice, and self-advocacy. You can submit questions for this column via my Curious Cat question box, linked here.

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Devon Price

Devon Price

He/Him or It/Its. Social Psychologist & Author of LAZINESS DOES NOT EXIST and UNMASKING AUTISM. Links to buy:

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