An autistic’s thoughts on the premiere of Vol. 5 for RWBY

I forgot about the relic already. Way to go, Rooster Teeth. And I wasn’t even on full screen.


The animation (if I forgot about the others) has improved quite a bit. It still differs from the usual anime-style that has made the genre a classic. I count RWBY as an anime, despite it not being made in Japan. But anyway, the animation. Emotions are displayed a little better and still over-the-top. It still looks a little like watercolor or paint, it has always slightly bugged me that it is 3D. But I’m growing used to it. The brief visual introduction to the inhabitants of Haven have hair that is reminiscent of anime hairstyles.

The characters are fine, but kudos to their personalities. It feels weird seeing them back together, but they are still the same people from the naked eye. (Especially after finishing season two of Chibi) I still don’t understand the farm boy that Ozpin is inhabiting, but I have a feeling I’ll know. But I really love Yang’s character here. After the long wait for Volume 5, the tone seems a little inconsistent to me at the beginning. While Volume 4 ended with hope (and a lurking enemy), Volume 5 starts off with happiness…… and immediate seriousness. Which is expected, but seems a little mishandled.

The story is fine. Still continues after the fall of Beacon Academy. And as I stated at the beginning, I already forgot about the relic. And considering how Volume 4 ended, the story is surprisingly consistent.

Not sure if I’m being selective or near-sighted on this one. But another thing that bogged the premiere for me was that there were certain scenes and dialogue that felt cliche. When Qrow was talking to Lionheart at certain parts, when Blake was meeting her former friend, Blake and a stereotypical drunk guy+. IMO, certain scenes that are meant to be serious should be a lil’ realistic and serious. The only exception is the way the characters portray their emotions, as usual.

Then again, it doesn’t change the fact that this is a splendid show for binge-watching. I can’t wait for the rest.

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