Ma opeñionee on Danielle Bregoli

ay-kay-ay Bhad Bhabie


We’re no strangers to bad grammar, bad blood a/o sick beats. We’re no stranger to porn, entertainment and the vomit forced down your throats, known as the mainstream. And as usual, a new challenger has approached.

You may know of the icon Danielle Bregoli, either as the baby who roasts spit on fire or as Bhad Bhabie, who roasts fire while spitting everywhere. Either way, with all the things that she has done, she may as well be the Internet’s newest rapper and personality.

Oh wait, she is. She is? Great.

She first became popular as the “Cash Me Ousside” girl after she said to the audience “catch me outside how about that” (I misinterpreted it as “cash me outside”). After that, she became the momma to all of her bitches (what she legit addresses her fanbase as on YouTube) and after that, was signed to Atlantic Records following “These Heaux”, her debut as a rapper and as Bhad Bhabie.

As a person, I am conflicted with her personality. While I would want to possibly hang (but hold off on the green, please) out with her, I dislike her personally on the grounds that she seems like a bimbo. Technically, I’m stereotyping but that’s what she comes off as. And she’s doing the same mainstream shit as everyone else (Everyone has roasted or talked smack about She also seems to be a hypocrite, more in that later. As a rapper, she’s mediocre. While the beats are fun, they’re not experimental. They’re mainstream, like her. The lyrics are average, because everyone’s done that same style.

So, Imma do a run-down on the lyrics to “These Heaux” (unfortunately, culture meshes up to create spelling issues). Let’s go, bitch.

By the way, lyrics are from Genius.


I ain’t nothing like these hoes (no) / Don’t compare me to no one (don’t do it) / Money green like CeeLo (yup) / Yeah, my pocket so swole up [x2]

From a literal standpoint, you are a hoe. You’re not offering sex, but rather attention and relevance on the social media machine. Yet, everyone can be a hoe. But what makes some hoes good eggs is that they can do something beneficial for someone/something. All you seem to be doing is spreading your legs across everyone’s faces.

Verse One

Look these hoes be fake flossin’ / Fake ass jewelry, got a neck rash (eww) / These hoes be fake ballin’ / Tax money that shit won’t last

Agreed. Yet, this is not universal, it is targeting the minority.

For example, prostitution is one of the ways that people get money. Get laid, get paid. Controversial and disgusting, though it pays. And no matter where you get your money, chances are that it might be dirty.

Also, some hoes are humble. They use that money for something. Yet, almost every single one can be corrupted.

These hoes be dick riding,

Well, what did you expect? There’s a lot to do in their line of work.

think they gone come up cause they let you fuck (you a hoe)

Well, yeah. But also because of something else maybe?

These hoes be full of drama, they always with the extra / These hoes, they wake up, they beggin’ / On the Gram, they be fake flexin’ (why you lyin’)

Including you for the first and second lines here, because that’s what you do on YouTube.

The last part? Ask them.

These hoes, they wake up, they broke (eww) / They mattresses be on the floor (haha)

Well, what do you expect? Sometimes, you have to do it.

Also, this is generalization. Not every hoe is a bitch. Just like not every homeless guy is a crack addict.

These hoes, they wake up, they messy / They runnin’ they mouth, they so petty (petty)

Well, they are pretty screwed.

These hoes, they feed off attention (yup)

Et tu, Bhabie?

Zero time, that’s what I give them

Yet, you call everyone who watches your videos ‘bitches’. Because hoes are bitches, this line is hypocritical.

Let’s ignore the chorus, since we did that already…

Verse Two

Look these hoes be lackin’, see me I the back / They talk all this shit, but don’t say it in person

Oh, you don’t know that for everyone. And while we may be lacking, you are lacking some logic. Maybe you’re still in cloud ten.

Won’t catch me off guard in my boulevard / Foreign my car, and my driver my guard

We may not be able to do what you said, but you don’t have a mouth guard.

Water, water drippin’, come take a peek / You in a trailer hoe, bitch you can’t compete

Eminem was born in Detroit, supposedly in a trailer park. He can do stuff that is infinite, compared to this dumpster fire.

Also, nice rhymes and synonyms. Have you been studying the dictionary?

I’m riding solo don’t need no one but me / Run up a check, yeah we runnin’ the streets / Red cup? No it ain’t Kool-Aid

Well, you’re still legally a minor. So, cool it Barbie.

Also, kudos to keeping it light, bud.

Got me fed up, you hoes too fake (yeah)

Says the hoe.

One minute he your man, he your ride or die (haha) / Next minute on the Gram with a new bae (wow)

Well, love needs a connection.

These hoes, these hoes, shame on these hoes (fakin bitch)

Shame on them.

I’m in the Maybach, I heard you got repoed / Hair done, diamonds on, need a pea coat (bitch) / Hear the feds listening, got to speak low

At this point, I’ve lost a few brains out. I think the Feds have listened to this.

And the outro is a complete dump to another producer. Another one.

Look / Mando Fresh

In the end, I don’t like her in general. Even though I am a proud-to-be hypocrite and immoral son of a bitch, at least I have a heart.

Doesn’t beat often.