The season finale of Autistic is almost here.

The thumbnail for the season finale, ‘Black + white’

If you know me (which is very unlikely), you’ll know that I produce the experimental web-series Autistic, which is almost ending its first season. The season finale, which will be entitled ‘Black + white’, will be released 23 October 2017 and that’s it. 20 episodes, as that’s how many episodes each season will go through.

Autistic will be having five seasons. Altogether, that’s a collective of 100 episodes. The 100th and final episode will definitely be a weird and kooky way to end off the web-series as a whole. And I feel that I should end at 100 because any more and the series will lose its quality. Series will go on for too long nowadays.

What is Autistic?

Autistic is an experimental web-series produced by me entirely, with help from other people (if there is any help). The genre of this web-series belongs to avant-garde, postmodernism and comedy. In a nutshell, it is very akin to dank memes. It is an anti-series, meaning that it houses anti-content, which is experimental and expressive content that differentiates from the influx of mainstream content we are experiencing today. It is meant to be commentary, often using metaphors and cryptic information to develop it’s tone and subject matter.

Episodes 1 to 13 were created on my seven-year-old computer (a dinosaur) with Windows Movie Maker on Windows 8.1 (I could never update to Windows 10 because Windows Update was being a bitch). After I got a new computer, episodes 14 and onward are created and produced in DaVinci Resolve on Windows 10. I use Resolve as an alternative to Premiere Pro (which would’ve really helped if it weren’t for the goddamn Creative Cloud subscription) as a challenge to learn how to use it to it’s maximum capabilities.

Autistic was born out of a shelved, but still somewhat in consideration, idea called Blank. Blank would’ve been a podcast, but it would be with me and a friend (Identity will not be listed for now). It would work in seasons and we would take a break between those seasons. But as I could not do that with the resources I had, plus the unforseen work I would have to go through and commitment, I scrapped that idea. Eventually, however, it slowly morphed into a new show called Autistic through influences. A major and definite influence were the quirky and jingly works of eccentric musician and producer Bill Wurtz. Because they were whatever they wanted to be, that planted a seed that would later become Autistic.

Now, the series is currently 19 episodes long (the first season can be found on this or on the tab entitled ‘Autistic’ in the homepage for Spectrum). I have a bunch of unreleased episodes on my old computer that I never released, considering that I took an unprecedented 3 month hiatus between episodes. The twentieth and final episode of the season is an old episode from earlier.

Season 2 is slated for release in January 2018. That gives me plenty of time to promote the first season, go ahead and write novels for my Wattpad, do whatever I want. The second season will (hopefully) be more political, for sure. So what about content that I’ll do after the first season concludes? I’ll probably do reactions and thoughts, maybe read aloud some of the pieces I write on Spectrum. But who knows?

I absolutely love this job.