Automation and the Future of Work

Doing More, Better, with Less

Leap of Opportunity or Valley of Dread?

Anagnost recognized the disruptions that automation will likely usher in. After all, automation brings change, and change brings the need to adapt. Experts estimate that 47% of jobs done by people today will be automated by 2050. The jobs of the future will be different than many of the jobs we do today — and they’ll go to those who have the necessary skills.

Autodesk CEO Andrew Anagnost speaking at AU Las Vegas 2017.

Doing More

While it isn’t hard to find hand-wringing about what automation means for those in today’s workforce, Anagnost pointed out that adapting to automation isn’t new — it’s been a fact of life since the first industrial revolution. And the number of jobs has only increased along the way. “Each era of automation, from the first industrial revolution through the present digital era, has created more jobs, not less,” Anagnost said. “Why should we assume the new machine age — the new era of automation — will be any different?”

Watch Hilbrand Katsma from Van Wijnen share his company’s success with automation.

Doing Better

Anagnost was also joined by Pierre Maillot, senior technological advisor for the Bosch Group, who shared the remarkable story of their factory in Mondeville, France. Originally built for the manual assembly of televisions in the 1960s, it was retooled in the 80s and 90s to make electronics and other components for the automotive industry. In 2012, the Bosch team decided to renovate the factory once again to focus on creating components for consumer electronics and the Internet of Things.

Watch Pierre Maillot from Bosch with his story of their factory in Mondeville, France.

Doing It with Less

Anagnost sees reducing environmental impact as a top priority. That’s because our current industrial processes simply aren’t sustainable. The construction industry, he pointed out, “wastes 30% of its materials per project and is responsible for 40% of what we see in landfills.”

Adaptability, Resiliency, and Community: Keys to Thriving in a World of Change

Anagnost sees adaptability, resiliency, and community as essential to success in our changing technological world.



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