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AutoAmplify Partnership Programme

Autofarm Ecosystem (AutoAmplify)

After a great 2021, things have been even busier going into 2022 as we look to continue to grow the Autofarm ecosystem with more products, services, and chains.

We are proud to announce that as part of our continued commitment to growth, we have created a brand new partnership programme for projects looking to work with us: the AutoAmplify partnership programme!

Keen to find out more? Read on!

What is AutoAmplify?

AutoAmplify is our brand new partnership programme for onboarding new protocols that wish to benefit from Autofarm’s established reach and pedigree in the DeFi space built up across our 14 chains and 1000s of vaults over the last year.

Who is it for?

AutoAmplify will be onboarding new projects who are looking to get listed on any part of the Autofarm ecosystem! Autofarm currently supports vaults for 14 different chains: Binance Smart Chain, Polygon Network, Huobi ECO Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, Moonriver, Celo, Cronos, Boba Network, Harmony Network, xDai, Aurora, OEC and Velas & the AutoSwap DEX Aggregator support 4 chains: Binance Smart Chain, Polygon Network, Avalanche and Cronos.

AutoSwap DEX Aggregator

Any project from a chain which is supported by Autofarm or any EVM-compatible network willing to get onboard the Autofarm ecosystem can now apply for the partnership programme!

So how does it work?

Native tokens of the AutoAmplify partners will be used to amplify the APY of different types of vaults or will be airdropped to AutoSwap users. This is done to support both the newly registered protocol community as well as the Autofarm community, with token airdrops, the highest APYs and increasing yield for users.

What does it mean for AUTO holders?

Staked in SAV? Our new Amplified vaults will attract more TVL, which will mean more revenue for the platform, which will mean more burning or earning!

But! Keep an eye out 👀 as post-launch, and from time-to-time, you may also benefit from some of our partners’ airdrops by staking in the Single Auto Vault!

What does it mean for users?

For those users that love using our vaults with the lowest fees across our 14 chains, they will get access to:

  • Increased APYs as a result of the Amplified vaults;
  • Introduced to new protocols;
  • Token Airdrops;
  • Same low fees as you are used to.

For our AutoSwap aficionados, they will get the benefit of airdrops as an incentive to trade your tokens (or others you may wish to target with your token).

Additional benefit is that there will now be a clear route to getting protocols / projects onto Autofarm, and as part of onboarding to the Amplify programme, Autofarm will undertake a series of due diligence tests / technical assessments.


What are the details of AutoAmplify?

Click on this link to find out more! In order for protocols to apply for the AutoAmplify partnership programme, please complete this form.



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