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Cronos has Landed on Autofarm!

Autofarm is excited to announce that Cronos has been deployed on the platform and users can now enjoy even higher rewards on new VVS Finance vaults!

Mainnet beta for Cronos network went live just under a week ago and Autofarm is proud to be one of the first yield optimisers now supporting farm pools of the newest blockchain network that has made a huge splash in the industry.

Launched by leading exchange,, Cronos is the first Cosmos EVM chain aiming to scale DeFi and dApps massively. Built on Ethermint, Cronos provides an environment that supports the porting of Ethereum-based apps, software and smart contracts from Ethereum over to EVM compatible chains.

Its launch marks the first EVM chain on Cosmos and opens a myriad of opportunities for cross-communication and seamless transfer of digital assets between Ethereum and Cosmos. Furthermore, Cronos will also be able to communicate and connect with other IBC-enabled chains in the Cosmos ecosystem through the Cosmos Inter-blockchain communication (IBC) protocol, unlocking massive untapped potential for true cross-chain interoperability.

Maximise yields at the highest APYs and lowest fees guaranteed with 4 new vaults from VVS Finance!


Learn how to bridge assets over to Cronos here.

Integrating with Cronos brings Autofarm one step closer to our vision of providing users with a multi-chain ecosystem suite of DeFi products. As a booming blockchain ecosystem with huge growth potential, Autofarm will continue to explore opportunities with Cronos to bring added value to users of both ecosystems, and beyond.

Autofarm will soon add more liquidity pools from other Cronos platforms and integrate Autoswap with Cronos to consolidate liquidity from supported DEXes at the best swap rates.

  • Controller Fee: 0.4%
  • Platform Fee: 0.5%
  • Vault Fee (Revenue shared with BSC single $AUTO vault): 0.5%
  • BSC $AUTO buyback & burn: 2%
  • Deposit Fee: <0.1% on initial capital (One-off)
  • Withdrawal Fee: 0.0%



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