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Monthly Community update #2

Welcome AutoFam to the second monthly community update!

It has been a very “developing” month for the Autofarm developers :) All this is done to provide the most seamless DeFi experience for our users. Find out more about that & some upcoming developments below.

The long awaited new Venus proposal is live, click. Please leave a comment if you support the proposal. Next steps can be found in the earlier posted Medium article here.

If you support the proposal and want this to pass, make sure to buy some $XVS and stake & delegate to vote on the proposal. (more info about this in the article)

Last month we integrated 3 new EVM compatible chains, tallying up the total of supported chains on Autofarm to 19 currently!

Evmos integration
The Evmos launch took place on the 22nd of July and was shortly afterwards followed by the Nomad Bridge hack which affected the entire Evmos Ecosystem. Therefore, the current Diffusion Evmos vaults on Autofarm are currently deprecated. Autofarm is monitoring the situation closely with the Evmos team and we will update about these vaults when we have more information on the matter.

Read more about the Evmos integration here.

Wanchain integration
For the Wanchain integration which happened just days after the Evmos integration, we have partnered up with the entire Wanchain Ecosystem. We are currently still looking into providing more vaults of Wanchain protocols and also are in close touch with the ZooKeeper team to boost their vaults with the use of a NFT booster. Stay tuned for more details on these developments.

Read more about the Wanchain integration here.

KuCoin Community Chain (KCC) integration
The third new chain integration this month was KCC. This launch will have a lot more surprises for KCC & Autofarm users in the near future! We are going to launch some Amplify campaigns on KCC so better move your assets there if you want to rake in those extra rewards!

Read more about the KuCoin Community Chain (KCC) integration here.

This month has been a very fruitful month for AutoAmplify campaigns. Back to back we had $CZBNB and $bitDOT (currently still ongoing) Amplify campaigns on the Single Auto Vault (SAV). Both campaigns are supported by our friends over at PegHub. The current $bitDOT Amplify campaign will run until 28 August.

  • Optimised FE bundle size by 50% for performance optimization
    Autofarm keeps improving under the hood, we performed some optimizations that helps loading the site faster. This enables a quick interaction with all of our tabs, improving loading speed up to 50%!
  • New wallet connection UI
    A new “wallet connection” user interface has been deployed into the main site. We aim to give our users multiple wallet options to connect, with clear indication of the connecting process across all wallet integrations.
  • Contracts section per vault
    Finding the relevant contracts when interacting with our vaults has never been easier, we have completely redesigned the contract section at the bottom of our vault page. Now we show bigger and clearer buttons for the previously existing contracts, adding as well some new options, like the tokens contract.
  • Enhanced graphics per vault
    After the big APR development we talked about in the previous and first monthly Community Update, we are pleased to present the Historic APR graph in each vault details page! Currently showing Base & Trading APR and total APY will shortly follow. The 5 different vault performance graphs are now selectable one by one on the vault page.
  • Dedicated deposits page
    Some users requested easier navigation through their deposited vaults, since we merged all the vaults and chains into one page, making it harder to follow all your deposits. We heard you loud and clear, that is why we implemented a dedicated deposit page, where you can check all your active vaults. Expect more improvements into this section! Did anyone say dashboard? 👀

Community Aspects

Last week we held our sixth Community Call with Wanchain starring as our special guest!

We went through the latest updates together with our ambassador and usual host Stefan, reviewing our latest partners and chains with Luuk, sharing the community updates with Agustin152, and sharing some technical details of whats coming with our FE engineer Freeman.

All the Autofarm Community Calls are uploaded on our Soundcloud here. This latest isn’t uploaded yet but as soon as this is done, we will announce this on our socials. The next Community Call will be late August / early September and we already have a special guest lined up.

Agustin, Community Manager of Autofarm joined the Evmos Community Call on 9 August. Thanks to EVMOS chain team for supporting our onboarding in this new chain. We hope to list some new protocols as soon as the Nomad bridge situation is cleared up. Listen to the recording here.

Results of the last governance vote were in line with the vote prior to it. Meaning we keep proceeding with burning $AUTO for at least 1 more month, instead of revenue allocation which means the current platform burn & fee allocations are set to 2% burn and 0.5% revenue.

See the latest vote results here.

Upcoming developments

  • Zap function
  • Landing page
  • Many more



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