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New Vaults (Belt HECO)

New Vaults (Belt HECO)

Autofarm is excited to be bringing users more auto-compounded vaults from Belt Finance on Huobi ECO chain (HECO)! As strategic partners, Autofarm and Belt Finance are committed to furthering both ecosystems together through our collaborative relationship, bringing value to users of both platforms.

The addition of these 5 new vaults brings the total number of HECO vaults on Autofarm to 25. Prior to Belt Finance, only MDEX vaults were supported on HECO chain. We are therefore thrilled to expand the vault options for our HECO users so that you all can reap the best returns using our beloved auto-compounding strategies.


Belt Finance (HECO)

Belt Finance is an AMM protocol on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and HECO that incorporates multi-strategy yield optimising while providing users low fees. With a Total Value Locked of $1.6B, Belt Finance is one of the leading platforms to offer compounding, lending, and yield generation services for the best possible returns.

The 5 new auto-compounding vaults are:

  • beltHBTC
  • beltETH
  • beltHT

Security audit of HECO Belt Finance farms can be found here. New to Belt Finance on HECO? Find out how to provide liquidity in the guides here. Learn how to bridge assets to HECO over here.

hAUTO incentives

We are pleased to say that hAUTO incentives will be coming to our HECO vaults too, which means HECO vault users will get higher yields on the vaults 🙌 More details will be announced at a later date.

*hAUTO tokens are AUTO tokens that have been bridged from BSC to HECO using Orbit Bridge. These bridged tokens were obtained from the protocol reserves which were accumulated as part of the revised tokenomics. For a detailed rundown of the revised AUTO tokenomics, read our medium post here.



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