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New Vaults (MDEX BSC)

New Vaults (MDEX BSC)

Autofarm is proud to present 8 new vaults using the MDEX (BSC)! MDEX vaults are now live and multiplying yields automatically and will earn AUTO tokens based on the allocated AUTO multipliers to the particular vault. Learn more about AUTO multipliers over here!



MDEX recently integrated with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in April and with the current vaults selection (23) on Autofarm, has already garnered a collective TVL of $100m. To this, we are excited to be introducing 8 new vaults from the leading Decentralised Exchange (DEX) that will enjoy our best-in-class yield optimising strategies.

  • MDX

Fee Structure

To provide users with the highest APYs in the DeFi space, Autofarm prides itself on having the lowest fees in the market. Here’s a quick recap on our the fees:

BSC Vaults

Base Controller Fee: 0.4%

Platform Fee (treasury): 0.5%

Vault Fee ($AUTO buyback & burn): 1.5%, 3.0% for non-$AUTO earning vaults

Vault Fee (Revenue shared with single $AUTO vault): 1%

Deposit Fee: <0.1% on initial capital

Withdrawal Fee: 0.0%

Learn more about the details of the fee structure over here!

As always, happy farming!



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