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“The only constant - change”

utofarm was incepted to be a user-first automated DeFi platform. Since the launch, many users have been concerned about the 3 main issues below. We have injected an immense amount of thought into all concerns, and have come up with the following changes to promote the sustained growth of Autofarm.

We’d like to thank the relentless support from the community thus far.


There have been arguments for and against by the community. Although not yet an issue, we do hear your concerns. The most common solution to this would be a small withdrawal fee to prevent trading around the time earn() is called.


An entrance fee. 100% of this fee will go to funds already in the pool. :)

This method is not considered common practice and might deter deposits in the first place. However, savvy investors might and should be encouraged to be early liquidity providers, to be entitled to a share of all entrance fees of users depositing after him/her.

To pilot this, we will be introducing an entrance fee of 0.3% to new vaults (many will be coming soon).

Should this fee become a deterrence to late-comers when the platform has blossomed, it will and should be voted upon by the community governance.

Value of the AUTO token

The AUTO token provides an incentive to use the Autofarm platform and to allow users to own a stake in the future of the platform, which further strengthens the value of Autofarm.

Such network effects should not be overlooked.


The team will be more transparent about the future of the platform, hence indirectly, the value of the AUTO token.

AUTO-WBNB liquidity pool will be added for users to subscribe and unsubscribe to the future of Autofarm. This is not intended to be a degen pool.


No, this is not another Uniswap fork.

AutoSwap aims to be the leading DEX aggregator on BSC — think DeFi automation doesn’t come without automatic swaps across multiple DEXes.

Swap fees will benefit AUTO holders.

More details will be released on AutoSwap in the near future.

Sustainability & Fees

A 0.1% controller fee on profits will be activated to cover gas fees on every earn().

At a later date, a percentage of profits from vaults will be used to buyback AUTO to burn.


Automatic yield farming was just the start. We aim to be a one-stop DeFi platform.

AutoFi will be the umbrella platform under which other such DeFi innovations will reside on.



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