Public service orgs, keep essential services running during the Covid-19 crisis at no cost — Autofleet

Kobi Eisenberg
Published in
2 min readMar 15, 2020


Let’s not mince words: the COVID-19 pandemic is here and is putting immense pressure on our infrastructure: healthcare systems, transportation, and supply chain. In the past weeks, we’ve been hearing from our fleet partners across all verticals on significant shifts in their business with little time for preparation. Our own team is also contending with these challenges, with many employees in home quarantine and having to quickly readjust to this new reality.

As we see healthcare systems struggling to efficiently transport teams to and from medical centers, provide mobile services to patients, and keep supply chains running smoothly, we’d like to step up and offer help in the best way we know how: optimizing fleets of vehicles.

Our team is offering to any healthcare or social services operators a turn-key solution for on-demand transport of people and goods to keep essential services running efficiently. We are also committed to providing this service free of charge at this time to ensure the availability of these essential resources.

If you are or know of a public services organization that needs help with:

  • Automated dispatching
  • Tracking and management of field operations
  • Launching new transportation services for essential staff
  • Optimized routing of vehicles for deliveries and rides

Then please let us know at and we can get started.