Revel and Autofleet partner on All-Electric, All-Employee NYC Rideshare Service

Revel offers a more sustainable and efficient rideshare service by utilizing Teslas and hired drivers

Kobi Eisenberg
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3 min readApr 29, 2021


TEL AVIV, April 29, 2021 — Autofleet, a leading provider of a fleet optimization platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI), today announced a partnership with electrified transportation company Revel to launch a new rideshare service with an all-electric fleet of Teslas in New York City, available for pickups and dropoffs below 42nd Street. Composed of hired drivers operating on Autofleet’s platform, Revel’s rideshare program will open to the general public in late May 2021.

Autofleet’s Vehicle-as-a-Service platform dispatches the ride orders to the Revel drivers, while optimizing charging times, routes and vehicle placement through demand prediction, providing greater efficiency, performance and overall rider experience. Revel drivers use the Autofleet driver app to receive ride orders, determine preferred routes and manage their shifts.

Using employee drivers allows the platform to make fleet-wide, territory-wide optimizations: each driver is assigned directly to the optimal location to receive the next ride, balancing supply and demand in every part of the territory, and eliminating the dependence on driver decision making

Autofleet’s platform is also tightly integrated with Tesla, allowing it to extract operating data from the rideshare vehicles, send routes directly to the Teslas’ in-vehicle operating systems and lock/unlock the doors This is Autofleet’s second rideshare program featuring an all-Tesla fleet following a partnership with an operator in Germany.

“We are excited to be partnering with Revel on the first all-electric rideshare program in New York City.” said Kobi Eisenberg, CEO at Autofleet. “Realizing the benefits of an autonomous fleet through hired drivers and maximizing efficiency with all operational decisions optimized through the platform is very much aligned with Autofleet’s vision to the future of mobility”

“Cities need sustainable rideshare services starting immediately, and Autofleet’s platform is uniquely positioned to support a highly efficient and optimized operation while providing an exceptional customer experience ,” said Paul Suhey, Revel COO and Co-Founder at Revel.


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About Revel

Revel is a Brooklyn-born transportation company that’s electrifying cities through charging infrastructure and shared electric vehicle fleets. Through the Revel app, users can rent electric mopeds, sign up for monthly eBike subscriptions, hail an electric car ride or find fast-charging stations compatible with any brand of EV. Revel prides itself on its total rejection of the gig economy and its collaborative approach with local governments. Founded in 2018, the company now operates in four New York City boroughs, Washington, D.C., Miami, Florida, and the California Bay Area cities of Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco. To learn more, visit and follow @_gorevel on Twitter.