The brand new ItsAlive 2.0 ⚡ brings exciting features to your chatbots 🤖

Benjamin Merritt
Sep 5, 2018 · 4 min read

Better, Faster, Stronger 💪

Since we launched itsAlive two years ago, thousands of chatbots have been built across 100+ countries. We have been working closely with small tech startups, renowned digital agencies, global corporations, insurance agencies, NGO’s, artists, energy suppliers… All looking for a new way to engage more effectively with their audiences through automated conversations.

All have different challenges, different technical constraints, but objectives remain the same: customer support, acquisition, brand awareness, building loyalty, brand services or experiences.

As we strive to build great chatbots, we learn, optimise and pursue our journey, while having one special purpose: making sure it’s easy for everyone to take advantage of conversation automation.

  • We have built the ItsAlive Chatbot Builder so as many people as possible can automate their own conversations.
  • Our in-house chatbot studio and agency partners help enlighten and deliver conversation experiences that meet client expectations.

What is new on itsAlive 2.0

The user interface has been completely redesigned in order to improve user experience, and the platform has been rebuilt at its core: it’s now impressively faster, and we’ve added a lot more exciting features 🔥.

Itsalive illustrations will guide you through your chatbot building journey. by Solène Sanié

We’ve added so many features, you will wonder how you got by before! Here is a quick list:

User Interface, User Experience and Performance

⚡ A magic sidebar: you can now switch from one recipe to another in one click. This is a time saver! You can also organize your folders or searches by recipes AND keywords.

✏️ Cool illustrations: we want to keep your building experience enjoyable and fun. You’ll find lots of nice illustrations all the way down the chatbot building process.

🚀 Speed: the platform is now impressively faster as we have totally re-developed specific parts.

😍 Emoji’s picker: we love emoji’s too, and because chatbots with emoji’s are a lot more fun, you can now add them everywhere: in your content, your keywords, your buttons… with just one click.

ℹ️ Info box: we have added on all pages a little (i) to guide you, and to explain what you can do. You’ll also see a lot of (?) which will give you details on specific features. We’ll continue improving this based on your feedback.

📑 Persistent menu: your chatbots can now have a persistent menu with 75 buttons to drive users everywhere they need to go.

More premium features for everyone

🎯 Lead generation forms (Solo Plan): this enables you to ask an open question (email, phone…) to a user, and to save it in a variable that you can then decide to send by email or send to your favorite CRM.

📬 Email notification (Plus plan): enables your bot to send you an email. You decide what it says, user information, details, or a simple contact message.

🌍 Multilingual chatbots (Pro plan): one chatbot can now speak as many languages as you want. You have a main language for everyone and you can add as many secondary languages as you want. Language will be automatically chosen based on the user’s facebook account.

💬 Handover Protocol (Pro plan): enables users to pause the chatbot and talk directly in Facebook Inbox or other Live chat services.

🔌 API & Services (Beta): add content directly from your existing digital ecosystem so your chatbot is always up to date. This works also great with zappier or to connect thousands of other cloud apps.

And a lot more options, buttons, improvements, customizations… to play with.

We are a chatbot platform with on demand services

We have been working with a lot of different industries and size agencies. Their needs are always specific. This is why a part of our team is dedicated to helping you building your chatbots.

We provide solutions for brands worldwide that are looking to experiment, build and scale conversational experiences. We usually start with a pilot, and then provide services that will align with their ambitions. We are accustomed to adapting and advising, based on what type of product you are looking for, from building your own chatbot to leaving it to us. Let’s talk about your needs.

Automated Conversations

It's all about automating conversations and chatbots.

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