This is How I Implemented Benjamin Graham’s Teachings into an Automated Investing Strategy in Python

Trevor Thackston
Nov 27, 2018 · 13 min read
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Photo by Chris Ried on Unsplash.

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Benjamin Graham, the man with the value-based plan.

The Theory

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I don’t even think I own a calculator anymore. Photo credit: stevepb at Pixabay

The Strategy

The Tools

>>> from iexfinance import Stock>>> stock_batch = Stock(['AAPL', 'TSLA', 'MSFT'])>>> stock_batch.get_financials()
total_market_cap = 0
for stock_symbol in symbol_batch:
total_market_cap += fundamental_df[stock_symbol]['market_cap']
total_market_cap = fundamental_df['market_cap'].sum()
high_pe = fundamental_df['pe_ratio'] > 15
high_pe_market_cap = fundamental_df[high_pe]['market_cap'].sum()
def initialize(context):
# This method will be called every time the script is run.
# From here, we can schedule when other methods will be called.
# context is simply an object containing useful information passed around to the different methods pylivetrader accesses.
def before_market_open(context, data):
# This method will be run every day before market open as long as the script is running.
def handle_data(context, data):
# This method is called whenever there's new data coming in - once a minute, when the market's open.

The Code

Our script’s very first function. Go ahead and put this into if you want to follow along.
Simple enough.
Now we’re really getting into it.
Here’s where the money moves.
Data collection’s a dirty job, but some code’s got to do it.
Not the most interesting code in the world, but it makes sure we’re not investing based on bad data.
The finishing touch — the rest of Graham’s rules for our investment model.

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Running Our Script

pylivetrader run
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Here’s to finding some success in the market. Photo by Lukas from Pexels.

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