Effective Advertising Tips for The Automotive Industry

David Web
David Web
Nov 21, 2017 · 4 min read

Whether it is about innovating a new car technology or manufacturing a car model that goes on to become the most popular car in the consumer market, the competition in the automobile industry is fierce. In this fierce competition, marketing and advertising has a crucial role to play. Auto advertising agencies have to frequently brainstorm ideas and come up with creative and effective advertising strategies that drive sales and revenue.

But, when it comes to the automotive industry, people generally do not think about your services until they need them. Hence, your advertising strategy should be such that when people do need them, yours is the first business they look into. Below are some effective advertising tips that experts from successful dealer ad agencies trust and advice.

1. Establish an active web presence

In this internet age, an active web presence is not just important but also mandatory to ensure profitability of your business. Studies show that up to 97% of those looking to buy, fix, or customize a car start their journey online. Whether they are watching videos of cars on YouTube or simply googling “auto dealers near me”, internet is where the people are looking. Hence, if your auto business doesn’t have an active web presence, you may miss out on this large pool of potential customers. As a prerequisite, you must have a website, blog, and social media pages, all optimized with proper keywords.

2. Video marketing

According to statistics, 70% of people who used YouTube as part of their car buying process were influenced by what they watched. Videos have the ability to influence and convince car buyers. Videos give the car buyers a sneak peek into the cars they fancy without actually visiting a car dealership. Hence, uploading your inventory videos on YouTube, your website or your social media pages, should be a prime recipient of your marketing strategy. By seeking help from dealer ad agencies, you can also make videos a signature feature of your business.

3. Become an expert

Content is a major player on the web today and the benefits of using content in your marketing strategy has manifold benefits. Publish a blog or newsletter about automotive related subjects and let your customers know that you are an expert in this realm. Write about topics which are in vogue, provide information that can be interesting, helpful and exciting to car owners or buyers and indulge in a habit of sharing them as social media posts or blogs.

4. Reward referrals and reviews

Sometimes even the best service or business doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Your happy customers might need a little prompting to refer you to their friends. You can give them thank you notes, gift cards or vouchers. When you reward your happy customers, you are more likely to create more happy customers. Most people are skeptical when it comes to trusting an automotive business. Hence, a referral from a friend, likes and comments on your FB page and customer reviews on your website, all go a long way in creating consumer confidence.

5. Keep it simple

At the end, simplicity and convenience is what consumers seek. Whether it’s about your digital strategy, customer support or any other aspect of your business, keeping things simple and convenient is the way to succeed. When it comes to developing a creative yet simple advertising strategy, seeking expert advice from automotive advertising agencies is the wise thing to do.

New methods and techniques are constantly emerging in the market. However, an effective marketing strategy will be the one which perfectly combines the elements of both traditional and modern technology. For instance, an amalgamation of automotive radio advertising and digital marketing will go a long way in making your marketing strategy successful.

Automotive Cars Updates Blogs

I love cars and I love knowing all about and sharing all I know about cars. As an automotive blogger, I write about car news and updates, new car updates, reviews and much more.

David Web

Written by

David Web

I’ve been an automobile blogger for brands like Honda, Nissan, CDJR, automotive marketing etc.

Automotive Cars Updates Blogs

I love cars and I love knowing all about and sharing all I know about cars. As an automotive blogger, I write about car news and updates, new car updates, reviews and much more.

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